MyHealthVerse to Become the Go-to Healthcare Data Platform for Pharma Companies
The blockchain-powered platform puts users in control of their healthcare data while increasing accessibility to biomarkers

Biomarkers are at the heart of all clinical research, whether elementary or extremely sophisticated, including the development of drugs for life-threatening diseases. It takes approximately 12 years and 1.41 billion USD to develop a drug. A lot of this time goes into collecting medical samples from different sets of individuals, i.e. biomarkers. Lack of accessibility to biomarkers is one of the primary reasons behind delays in trailblazing medical research. MyHealthVerse intends to eliminate this barrier and accelerate medical research through healthcare NFTs.

What is MyHealthVerse?

MyHealthVerse is the world's first Biomarkers NFT marketplace. This blockchain-based platform will bring together users and pharmaceutical companies to ensure increased accessibility to seminal medical research. Once the platform goes live, MyHealthVerse will accumulate biomarkers and synthetic data and analyze them through means of artificial intelligence before they get converted to NFTs.

What are Biomarkers?

The term 'Biomarker' refers to a broad subcategory of medical benchmarks that play a critical role in clinical research, which include but are not limited to drug development and medical analysis. Pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders within the healthcare industry require biomarkers for various research and development purposes. The global biomarkers market is estimated to grow to 106.9 billion USD by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 13.44%. 

Granting Users Control of Their Data

Misuse of healthcare data could be the next big healthcare cyber risk. Around 250 individuals were affected by healthcare data breaches between 2005 and 2019. MyHealthVerse renders users in control of their healthcare data while allowing them to turn their Biomarkers into NFTs. Users can decide how they wish their healthcare data to be used. Turning biomarkers into NFTs allows users to monetize their own healthcare data. By permitting users to turn their biomarkers into NFTs, MyHealthVerse makes them an inclusive part of the 2.96 billion USD global biobanking market. 

How MyHealthVerse Accelerates Healthcare Research?

Pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of time collecting healthcare data, including biomarkers for the development of drugs and other clinical research. MyHealthVerse enables pharma companies and other stakeholders to access biomarkers uploaded to the platform. Pharma companies can purchase biomarkers from anywhere in the world using MyHealthVerse's token: $PHARMA.  

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About MyHealthVerse

Headquartered in Singapore and led by executives with vast experience in the tech sector, MyHealthVerse is the first Biomarkers NFT marketplace. Biomarkers and synthetic data will be accumulated and analyzed by means of Artificial Intelligence, followed by the minting of these data into NFTs. The NFTs minted, necessary for development in biomedical research, will eventually be uploaded to the MyHealthVerse Marketplace for sale to pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare stakeholders, by simply buying our tokens and utilizing them on the marketplace.

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