360 Sound And Vision Releases It’s Slate Of Movies For 2024

Pluto: The Dwarf Planet

Automata: The First A.I. - Movie Poster

Automata: The First A.I.

Space Station - Movie Poster

Space Station

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — 360 Sound and Vision Ltd, is an independent movie studio, located in the United States.
It is proud to announce its new slate of documentary movies for 2024. Here is a preview of all 360 Sound And Vision’s upcoming documentary releases scheduled to arrive on DVD, Blu-ray & Video on Demand either 2024 or later. The company is run by CEO Dwayne Buckle and is set to be another wonderful year of awe-inspiring motion pictures. Here is a list of the films.

Pluto is called a dwarf planet because it is much smaller than other planets in our solar system. It also has an irregular orbit. There is no known life currently on Pluto, that being said there is still a lot we don’t know about Pluto, and the conditions there and its surrounding moon may yield some surprises for humanity not too far into the distant future.

The Viking 1 orbiter took an image of a face on Mars in 1976. Although the image has been suggested to be a large artificial construction by an ancient society, the majority of scientists believe it to be an optical illusion created by natural geological features (or is it).

AUTOMATA: THE FIRST A.I – The history of automata can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where it was used to create statues that could move. Ancient Greeks also created automata, such as mechanical birds that could flap their wings and make sounds. In the 20th century, computers and robots began to be developed, which further advanced the capabilities of automata.

FORGOTTEN: MYSTERIES OF THE 19TH CENTURY – The 19th century was wrought with discovery, mystery, and invention, many of these occurrences helped to shape the world today but they are now long forgotten, we will revisit some of these forgotten mysteries of the 19th century.

ANCIENT MYSTERIES – The mystery of the sphinx? The lost city of Atlantis? The pyramids of Teotihuacan or the hanging gardens of Babylon? These are just a few of the ancient mysteries that we wonder about.

AMERICA’S MOST DEADLY POLICE CHASES – In this action-packed documentary video, we will highlight some of the most brutal & dangerous police chases ever recorded on American roadways.

SPACE STATION – A space station is an artificial structure in orbit around a planet or another celestial body, used for research, living, and/or other purposes. A crew of astronauts typically man’s it. Space stations provide a platform for conducting scientific research in microgravity. They typically also contain living quarters for the crew.

SPACE SHUTTLE – A space shuttle is a spacecraft that has the capability of launching people and cargo into orbit around the Earth. It is typically composed of an orbiter, two rocket boosters, and an external fuel tank.

ANCIENT SYMBOLS 2 – Unexplained symbols discovered around the earth, thousands of years old, what do they mean? In this sequel to the acclaimed original documentary ANCIENT SYMBOLS, we will investigate these mysterious ancient artifacts.

ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS 2 – The search for humanity’s hidden ancestors, ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS 2 researches ancient phenomena going back thousands of years; stone carvings buried for ages and unexplained depictions in ancient manuscripts.

ANCIENT SYMBOLS 3 – The third installment of the epic documentary series ANCIENT SYMBOLS, in this episode we explore the many mysterious symbols of the ancient East.

THE EGYPTIAN ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANITY – Egyptian religious practices and beliefs played a significant role in the development and spread of Christianity. The earliest Christians were heavily influenced by Egyptian culture, and many of the symbols, beliefs, and stories of Christianity have roots in ancient Egyptian theology.

The Dogon are an ethnic group living in the central plateau region of Mali, in West Africa. They are best known for their religious traditions, which include a sophisticated cosmology, a tradition of mask making, and unique architecture. The Dogon are also known for their oral tradition, which has preserved their history and traditional knowledge of the cosmos and their place within it.

HAB THEORY: DESTRUCTION ON A PERIODIC BASIS – Many great civilizations flourished briefly throughout history, only to collapse and disappear forever. There is a never-ending loop of societal expansion and contraction. But what if catastrophic global disasters were occurring on a regular basis?

ICE AGE: HISTORY AND FUTURE – Another Ice Age is unlikely to occur within the next 100,000 years. But modern humans have the potential to alter timescales, habitats, biomes, and social structures radically.

THE HISTORY OF CYBERNETICS – Cybernetics is the study of the structure & behavior of complex systems and their control and communication. It has its origins in the work of mathematicians, engineers, and biologists of the 1940’s & 50’s. Norbert Wiener coined the term in 1948, when he wrote the book, Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine.

FROM CYBERNETICS TO CYBORNETICS – How the discovery of cybernetics changed our understanding of the machine world & made us self-aware.

BLU-RAY: ART OF THE DISC – The Blu-ray was developed by a consortium of electronics companies, that was formed in 2002 to create a new disc that could store HD video and more data than DVDs could. The format was officially announced in 2003 and was first released commercially in Japan in 2006. This is the story of Blu-Ray; it’s past, present & remarkable future. 

DVD: THE DIGITAL VIDEO DISC – The first DVDs were released in 1997, and they quickly gained popularity. DVDs continued to be popular up until the mid-2000s, when they were gradually replaced by Blu-ray. But through the passage of time, the DVD was one format that could rival any other.

GREATEST MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT – The history of the greatest mysteries of the ancient Egyptian world

INNOVATORS OF BLACK HISTORY – Benjamin Banneker, George Washington Carver & Lewis Latimer just to name a few of the greatest innovators and inventors of Black History, this is their legacy, their story.

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