A doomed ancient kingdom awaits the coming of its hero in this summer reading, a legend fantasy – Sun Child of the Moor

Sun Child of the Moor, by Tricia D. Wagner

Sun Child of the Moor Release Party Invitation

Join Tricia D. Wagner in celebrating the release of Sun Child of the Moor

Tricia D. Wagner, Author Photo

Tricia D. Wagner, Author

What manner of legends might darkness conceal?

Sylphic folklore is unique to Sun Child of the Moor and holds believability thanks to Wagner’s masterful writing. The familial elements in this tale are reminiscent of ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’”

— Mary R. Lanni, MLIS, Reedsy Discovery Reviewer

ROCKFORD, IL, USA, August 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Darkness, no fourteen-year-old should fear. Or so young Bastian believes until he discovers that in the dark hides a terror known only to old English legends—a terror that’s stalked him since the day he was born.

In her newest novel, Sun Child of the Moor, bestselling and critically acclaimed author, Tricia D. Wagner, brings a wondrous coming-of-age fantasy geared for young adults as well as adult readers.

“Sun Child of the Moor, with its lively, engaging action will encourage discussion and debate in reader circles about the consequences of special abilities and the contrast between imagination and reality, making this book a top recommendation above many other action-packed fantasies.”
– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

In Wagner’s gripping story, England’s Sylphic Kingdom, populated with its Forest Children and Faeries, its Oakmen and Sunwalkers and Sprites, awaits the coming-of-age of its hero—the Sun Child. For at the hand of a Wight Witch, risen to great power, the Sylphic Kingdom stands on the brink of destruction. And with its fall, so too will perish the natural world.

To discover what hunts him, to understand why, Bastian must realize that some legends, full of both wonders and terrors, are real. And to protect his family, Bastian—a boy who fears the dark, who fears the fight—must face dire challenges and win Sylphic allies. And he must wake his courage. For to unlock the secret to the Wight Witch’s defeat, Bastian must face who he was born to be, even at the cost of his life.

Sun Child of the Moor captures the sense of wonder that teens experience at the brink of adolescence and adulthood, where truths are desperately desired and not easily reached. Sun Child of the Moor would engage any reader who would like to imagine that perhaps the world is every bit as ordinary as it seems, and every bit as magical.

Reedsy Discovery Reviewer, Mary R. Lanni, MLIS, has this to say – “Sun Child of the Moor is a well-written, beautifully poetic, fantastical tale. It is filled with magical realism that expertly blends magic with reality in a compelling and believable way. Sylphic folklore is unique to this book and holds the power of believability thanks to Wagner’s masterful writing. The familial interactions in Sun Child of the Moor are reminiscent of ‘A Wrinkle in Time,’ making it a delightfully immersive tale of love and personal growth that is well suited to young adult and older readers who enjoy exploring the world’s unlimited possibilities through a magical lens.”

A Book Release Party will be held at Barnes & Noble, located in CherryVale Mall (7200 Harrison Ave., Rockford, IL). The party will include a reading by the author, children’s craft activities, specialized story-inspired beverages designed by the café, and author signing opportunities. The first 50 participants will receive a free Sun Child of the Moor bookmark.

Sun Child of the Moor includes a character who is deaf, and the book release will be dedicated to celebrating the Deaf community and highlighting available resources. An American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter will be present to sign the author reading, and to provide accessibility for community members who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Rockford’s Children’s Theater Project and Youth Theater Project (CTP/YTP) will participate in the book release party, with their performers attending in costume as faeries, forest children, and other fantastical characters from Sun Child of the Moor. Many of the children and youth will be featured in upcoming CTP/YTP shows. More information can be found at: https://www.ctpytp.org.

Tricia D. Wagner is the bestselling author of the Star of Atlantis trilogy, including The Strider and the Regulus, The Star of Atlantis, and The Shepherd of the Stars. These literary adventure novels have been acclaimed by Publishers Weekly’s BookLife as “page turners” with “stellar prose.” Midwest Book Review says of Wagner’s literary adventure series, “Libraries and readers choosing these stories for their powerful adventure components will find so much more in tales that spin off additional insights into friendships, trust, healing, and self-empowerment.”

Tricia D. Wagner has written additional stories for the series, including Where Fish Can Breathe, and Night Swiftly Falling, as well as other published works.

Sun Child of the Moor is available now wherever fine books are sold.
If you would like more information about author Tricia D. Wagner and Sun Child of the Moor, please reach out to [email protected] or visit https://www.triciawagner.com/. Or check out her Author Page.

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