Breakout Budweiser Star Roy Hawn-Russell Thanks Beer Brand,  Next Stop: Lake Hour

Lake Hour Co-Founder Wyatt Russell (L) and Roy Hawn-Russell shake paw-to-hand to seal deal in exciting new partnership.

Nepo-Mutt to Become Face of New Canned Cocktail After Super Bowl Stardom

We’re thrilled to have Roy joining the Lake Hour team and hope for many years–both in people and dog–of events, sponsorships, and collaboration.”

— Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Wyatt Russell and Rich Peete

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 14, 2024 / — After tremendous success garnered from his role as “Bar Dog” in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad “Old School Delivery,” Roy Hawn-Russell has signed with breakout canned cocktail Lake Hour on the heels of his newfound ascent to stardom in an effort to further solidify himself as a pivotal personality in the beverage space. The two-year deal (a whopping fourteen in dog years) marks an unprecedented agreement in the celebrity endorsement space.

A mere 15 hours after the Budweiser premiere in which the breakout star pulled collective heartstrings, Hawn-Russell released a statement saying he would be “setting sail” with Lake Hour, and thanked the entire Budweiser team, especially his equine scene partners “Bud and Mark [Clydesdales], the consummate pros,” for their “unending belief in himself and his acting” and for “two months of back-and-forth emailing and one amazing day of filming” he’ll never forget.

Though perhaps a new face on screen, Hawn-Russell has been a somewhat regarded figure
in the avant-garde Los Angeles clowning scene and in New York experimental theater (starring in such works as Can-ine, Can-you? at the La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club). Additionally, it feels only right that the triple threat would gravitate towards Lake Hour, a brand whose emphasis on lake life and slow living are a major draw to Hawn-Russell, a Lake Arrowhead native looking to find reprieve from the hustle and bustle of LA-living.

Lake Hour, an emerging innovator in the ready-to-drink alcohol market, offers canned cocktails with
premium vodka and 100% blanco tequila as the base of the drinks, and only 3.4 grams of raw pure cane sugar. Headed by Producer Rich Peete and Actor Wyatt Russell, the new line of spiked sparkling water has been featured in their hometown paper and Late Night with Seth Meyers, but has yet to embark on television advertising ventures.

Hawn-Russell’s dual agents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell told the press it was the right time for the move, the lab adding that on a personal note, he was drawn to the brand’s ability to “speak to something more personal than just the standard impersonalized corporate marketing of most brands in the RTD category.”

In an interview released this morning, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Wyatt Russell and Rich Peete spoke to the press confirming the partnership. Russell and Peete thanked Roy for his support and voiced their excitement for a fruitful, ongoing relationship stating “we’re thrilled to have Roy joining the Lake Hour team and hope for many years–both in people and dog–of events, sponsorships, and collaboration.”

When asked whether family ties had anything to do with the burgeoning partnership, both Russell and Hawn-Russell were unable to comment.

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