Chandler Clarke Partners with Soukaina Alaoui to Bring Gripping Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller Film “BZRK” to Life

Acclaimed director Clarke and award-winning producer Alaoui El Hassani team up for their highly anticipated psychological horror short film “BZRK.”

I’m thrilled to give a tangible form to the anger and helplessness we all experience as ‘little people’ in this vast world.”

— Chandler Clarke

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2023/ — Acclaimed Director Chandler Clarke Partners with Producer Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani to Bring Gripping Sci-Fi Psychological Horror Film “BZRK” to Life

Award-winning director Chandler Clarke and esteemed producer Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani have joined forces to embark on an exciting cinematic journey with their highly anticipated short film, “BZRK.” This gripping sci-fi psychological horror film is set to captivate audiences with its unique storyline, thought-provoking themes, and extraordinary vision.

At the heart of “BZRK” lies the compelling story of Anders, a troubled individual teetering on the edge of his consuming rage. Desperate to prevent his violent visions from overpowering him, he seeks the unconventional aid of a psychiatrist whose meditation techniques unlock a dormant power within him, leading to unforeseen consequences.

Under the banner of his production company, TID Productions, Chandler Clarke takes on the dual roles of scriptwriter and director, infusing his passion and artistic vision into every aspect of the film. Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani, a renowned figure in the industry, joins the project as an Executive Producer, collaborating with fiscal sponsor Film Independent.

Production for “BZRK” is scheduled to commence this summer, signaling the beginning of an exhilarating journey for the talented cast and crew. The team aims to complete the film by the summer of 2024, after which it will embark on a thrilling festival circuit, showcasing its artistic excellence and captivating narrative to audiences worldwide.

Furthermore, Chandler Clarke envisions “BZRK” as a proof of concept for a full-length feature film that he has already penned, demonstrating his commitment to expanding this captivating universe and exploring its intricate layers on a larger scale.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Clarke shares, “I’m thrilled to give a tangible form to the anger and helplessness we all experience as ‘little people’ in this vast world. To bring to life a powerful story that centers around a conflicted character who fights back.”

The script for “BZRK” has already garnered significant recognition, impressing judges and audiences alike. It has been honored as a semi-finalist at the Zed Fest Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, selected for the Indie Shorts Fest at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, a semi-finalist at the Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition, and a finalist in the Best Horror Script Category at the Hollywood Just 4 Shorts Festival.

Elaborating on the film’s underlying themes, Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani explains, “It’s a film about the rage we all carry within us, struggling to let go due to the pain we endure. Power and control are universal desires. ‘BZRK’ aims to restore agency to the audience.”

For those eager to learn more about “BZRK,” the film’s official website offers additional information about the project. As anticipation builds for its release, audiences can eagerly anticipate a cinematic exploration of inner turmoil, power dynamics, and the indomitable spirit of resistance.

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