Cinema Verde to Feature Sustainable Businesses on Their Environmental Film Channel

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CinemaVerde Environmental News

CinemaVerde Environmental News

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Browse the Cinema Verde Film Library

Sustainable Businesses invited to advertise on Cinema Verde Environmental Film Channel

Our audience is passionate about creating a sustainable future and they seek businesses that share their values. Advertising on our channel to reach a highly engaged and receptive audience.”

— Trish Riley, Executive Director

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, November 21, 2023 / — Cinema Verde, a television channel dedicated to showcasing environmental films, is seeking advertisers for their upcoming programming. The channel is specifically looking for sustainable businesses and environmental organizations whose innovative work aligns with their mission of promoting a healthier and more sustainable future. New advertisers will be featured alongside the upcoming release of more than 70 environmental films selected for Cinema Verde 2024, to be released beginning in February 2024, adding to their existing library of nearly 200 films on their informative environmental channel, Cinema Verde, on Roku, the world’s largest streaming platform.

With a growing audience of environmentally-conscious viewers, Cinema Verde offers a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a target-rich market. By advertising on their channel, businesses can showcase their commitment to sustainability and connect with like-minded consumers who value eco-friendly practices. This is a chance for businesses to not only promote their brand, but also to make a positive impact on the environment. Advertising on the nonprofit channel can offset Corporate Social Responsibility commitments – it’s a win/win for businesses and for the environment.

Cinema Verde provides valid scientific information about the environmental issues affecting the planet along with sustainable solutions. Students, teachers and the public at large can access the vast and growing library of scientifically vetted films depicting people around the world dealing with the impacts of industry and profiteering.

Cinema Verde’s founder and executive director, Trish Riley, points out that featuring sustainable businesses on their channel benefits both the businesses and the viewers. “Our audience is passionate about creating a sustainable future and they actively seek out businesses that share their values. By advertising on our channel, businesses can reach a highly engaged and receptive audience,” she stated. “Where else can a business reach an international audience with multiple 20-30 second slots of air time for $250/month? And have the chance to boost your sustainability cred, and help a good and honest start up get off the ground? Nowhere! Let’s work together to forge a healthier future.”

Cinema Verde is currently accepting applications from businesses and organizations interested in advertising on their channel. Interested parties can visit their website for more information and to submit an application. With their commitment to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, Cinema Verde is the perfect platform for businesses to showcase their eco-friendly practices and reach a targeted audience. Help the planet move forward with Cinema Verde: contact [email protected]

Cinema Verde is a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide environmental education to diverse audiences through film, arts and community events. Cinema Verde is designated as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS: Contributions may be tax deductible. Solicitation License# CH33749. Cinema Verde is funded in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and by generous donations, sponsorships from sustainable businesses and organizations, private and public foundations and sustainable businesses and supporters.

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