Citrine CH On New Media and Its Development Journey

Weilu CHEN (Citrine CH)

Weilu CHEN, also known as Citrine CH, an expert with profound insights into new media, shared her perspective on new media.

UNITED STATES, September 22, 2023 / — With the widespread use of the internet, the term “new media” has become a popular topic, sparking widespread attention and discussion. Different industries have their own interpretations and definitions of new media, including internet new media, mobile new media, and digital new media.

Weilu CHEN, also known as Citrine CH, an expert with profound insights into new media, shared her perspective on new media during an interview. She pointed out that the concept of new media rapidly spread with the proliferation of the internet, becoming a focal point of public interest. Different industries have varying definitions of new media, demonstrating its diversity and widespread nature.

In Citrine’s view, there are distinct differences between traditional media and new media. Traditional media typically involves one-way transmission, where content and entertainment are provided by the production side to the audience, limiting audience participation in the production process. Conversely, new media allows for greater user engagement, though a majority of content is still provided by the production side, which remains a defining characteristic of new media.

With the advancement of technology, new media continues to evolve and transform. Numerous social media platforms have emerged, such as Blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. These platforms fall under the category of “new (new) media.” They emphasize that users themselves are also creators, allowing them to freely generate and share content, breaking away from the previous top-down control model and forming a brand new media ecosystem.

Weilu CHEN, also known as Citrine CH ( is a seasoned professional in the media industry with extensive experience and witness to Chinese media censorship.

Born in 1988 in Zhejiang Province, China. In 2012, after completing her undergraduate studies, she ventured alone to Beijing and entered the film and television media industry. She has since accumulated over 10 years of rich industry experience.

In 2017, due to the stringent media censorship regulations in mainland China and a desire for broader development opportunities, Ms. Chen was compelled to leave the mainland. She shifted her primary focus to research and observation in the fields of media industry and communication studies.

Citrine CH
Weilu CHEN(Citrine CH )
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