D. H. Gatlin challenges readers’ concepts of justice in the intriguing “Change of Verdict: A Diary of A Father’s Love”

Change of Verdict

Daniel Harry Gatlin ( DH Gatlin)

The US Review of Books (USRB) highly commended “Change of Verdict” by D. H. Gatlin

Benji Cole of CBS Radio interviewed D. H. Gatlin, author of “Change of Verdict: A Diary of A Father’s Love”


Losing all that matters in this world can drive a man to the most extreme action that ever comes to his mind.

Look, in a perfect world everything is great but this world is not perfect. I am ready for whatever happens because they cannot hurt me more than I have already been hurt.”

— excerpt from the book

MASSACHUSETTS, USA, February 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — D. H. Gatlin, in partnership with ARPress, published the book “Change of Verdict: A Diary of A Father’s Love.” This narrative presents the story of Jason Burton, standing trial for grotesquely torturing a man before murdering him. As the details of the crime unravel through the media, people are appalled by the man and his monstrous crime.

Years ago, Jason was happy with his role as an excellent father to his daughter. When her boyfriend raped and murdered her, his life was devastated, and when he saw the criminal get away with it, he felt he had to personally make the man pay for the crime he had committed.

Now he faces the world and a jury who are not even aware of this part of his past. Will he get the justice he deserves, or will he see the hangman?

D. H. Gatlin was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Later, he moves to rural Alabama to raise his daughter as a single father. The making of his book was not only a therapeutic outlet to overcome his own childhood trauma, but also to be a positive example to his child. He is a man of faith and believes that by putting in the right amount of effort, work, and prayer, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

He spends most of his time as a business owner operator driving a truck, a path that was laid out for him by his parents and grandparents. However, in his free time, he loves to work on home projects, play with his grandchildren, and lay back and relax in his chair with his dog.

The author was interviewed by Benji Cole of the People of Distinction network. They discussed the author’s message and inspiration for writing this inspirational narrative.

This masterpiece was highly praised by Amanda Hanson of the US Review of books, highlighting that “The author has managed to give a distinct voice to each character, and the dialogue helps them establish their personalities. For example, Gatlin depicts Jason as a devoted father who went off the rails after the death of his daughter. The author digs deeply into Jason’s emotions and psychological state, giving readers insight into his personality and making his grief, pain, and desire for vengeance relatable. The book exposes how unequal justice can turn even good people into cold-blooded killers because they feel like the system has let them down, yet also conveys the message that revenge is not a solution for a tricky judicial system.”

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D H Gatlin with Benji Cole From CBS Radio

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