Famous YouTube Creator Gabe Cataldi, aka BSTCHLD, Joins Forces with Mitch Riverman for “The Duke of Marylebone”

Influencer Gabe Cataldi Teams Up with Indie Film Director Mitch Riverman for “The Duke of Marylebone,” Sparking Excitement in Independent Cinema”

Influencer Gabe Cataldi Teams Up with Indie Film Director Mitch Riverman for “The Duke of Marylebone,” Sparking Excitement in Independent Cinema”

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an exciting development for the world of independent cinema, Gabe Cataldi, renowned YouTube influencer known as BSTCHLD, has officially announced his support and involvement in “The Duke of Marylebone,” the latest comedy film project directed by Mitch Riverman, the founder of Rivermind Pictures and the creative force behind this eagerly anticipated independent motion picture.

Cataldi’s collaboration with Riverman not only brings a wave of enthusiasm to the project but also marks a significant moment where online influencers step forward to support and enrich the independent filmmaking landscape. Taking his commitment a step further, Cataldi has embraced a new challenge by accepting a role in the film itself, transitioning from a celebrated Youtuber to a movie actor in “The Duke of Marylebone”. This bold move underscores the depth of his involvement and dedication to the project, adding a fascinating layer to his participation. Having already shot a captivating trailer that showcases their combined vision, Cataldi’s participation is a testament to the potential of influencer-backed film projects to create buzz and draw attention to unique cinematic endeavors.

Mitch Riverman, a fervent advocate for maintaining and celebrating the legacy of comedic geniuses, aims to pay homage to the legends of satirical comedy through “The Duke of Marylebone.” This comedy film tells the tale of Rupert Siskin, a London food taster whose quest for love leads him down a path filled with unexpected adventures and a foray into politics, portraying a humorous yet poignant commentary on society’s intricacies.

However, the journey to bring “The Duke of Marylebone” to the big screen is not without its challenges. In the dynamic world of independent filmmaking, the role of private backers and online influencers is crucial for securing the necessary funds to realize such creative visions. Hence, Riverman and Cataldi are reaching out to the community for support, highlighting the importance of collective effort in bringing innovative stories to life.

To this end, a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been launched to ensure “The Duke of Marylebone” crosses the finishing line. With just a week and a half left until the campaign deadline, the team urges supporters, fans, and film enthusiasts to join them in this exciting venture. By backing the project, contributors will not only help usher a new comedy film into existence but also raise the spirit of independent filmmaking and the collaborative power of artists and influencers.

The involvement of figures like Gabe Cataldi signifies a growing trend where the influence and reach of digital creators can significantly impact film crowdfunding campaigns, offering a beacon of hope and a viable pathway for independent filmmakers like Mitch Riverman.

To learn more about “The Duke of Marylebone” and to support the Kickstarter campaign, please visit their Kickstarter page.

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