Fred Levy Professional Corporation expanding its Business Management Services to Los Angeles

Fred Levy Professional Corporation, a Trowbridge Company, known for more than 40 years of business management services, is setting up an office in Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 20, 2024 / — Fred Levy Professional Corporation, a Trowbridge company, known for more than 40 years of cross-border tax and business management services, is setting up an office in Los Angeles to expand its business management operations.

Levy has operated his own cross-border tax, accounting, and financial services firm in Toronto, Canada, specializing in tax and business management services for clients involved in the media, entertainment, and professional sports industries.

Through the parent company Trowbridge, which specializes in International Tax, the Levy team will manage Canadian, US and UK tax and business management services, now with a presence in the LA market.

The opening of an L.A. office signals the further expansion of the firm’s services to an entertainment and sports clientele.

“People in the entertainment and professional sports industries have special tax and financial needs based on the cyclical nature of their incomes and the fact that they can be rendering their services internationally,” said Don Beadle, Senior Director at Fred Levy Business Management. “The first LA office will provide the financial team needed to serve clients’ personal and professional needs and protect their careers and their families.”

Beadle added that the Canadian company has served American and Canadian clients in the LA market for many years, and that its clientele also includes non-entertainment industry clients.

The new office, located on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, will offer full-service business management, tax, and financial services. Capabilities include financial and tax planning, day to day management of tax and business affairs, project management, major purchase management, estate planning, and more.

Fred Levy’s 40+ years of business acumen and tax experience has served his clients well over the years and in addition to being a Schitt’s Creek Executive Producer, he has continued to grow Fred Levy Professional Corporation to the point where Trowbridge is now establishing a new home in Los Angeles.

Other services offered by Fred Levy Business Management include.

• Bill pay, payroll, cash management
• Fraud protection
• Monthly financial reporting
• Liaison with banks, agents, managers, attorneys, and other brokers/advisors
• Insurance coverages
• Strategic tax planning and tax preparation
• Estate and trust planning
• Investment management
• Property & travel management
• Philanthropic management
• Retirement planning
• Home remodel/construction project tracking
• Major purchase management
• Registrations and filings

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