An Inspirational Journey of Transformation and Triumph Births a Movement of Self-Discovery, Self-Care and Inner Beauty for Women Worldwide

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2023/ — Amber Krystal, a renowned beauty coach, is inviting people to join her in a transformative journey of healing and triumph as she breaks free from silence to empowerment as a testament to resilience and renewal from betrayal, indictment and divorce. She shares a journey of personal growth as a guiding light for women seeking to discover their authentic beauty from within and releases an ebook, “Beauty, Mental Health, Nutrition: Living From The Inside Out.”

Known as “Amber Thee Beauty Coach,” her rise to prominence in the spotlight as a board certified licensed esthetician, esthetics instructor, dual-certified makeup artist and ordained minister was rooted in overcoming personal twists and turns. A private divorce, from a minister she was married to for 14 years, almost kept her in the shadows after uncovering his hidden life that led him to a federal indictment, imprisonment, and their heart-wrenching divorce. Her tale is a beacon of hope that she believes can inspire others to embark on their paths of healing and self-discovery.

“I remained in the background for so long, now I’m ready to break free and share my story to help others heal, grow, mature and become whole,” says Amber. “True beauty within is when you begin to do the inward work to dismantle, detox and disconnect yourself from anything or anyone that hinders your well-being.”

In her commitment to sharing her personal journey and expertise, Amber has released an ebook “Beauty, Mental Health, Nutrition: Living From The Inside Out.” This transformative guide is for those wanting to embark on their beauty journey with confidence and emphasizes the importance of achieving a balance between the mind, body and soul. The ebook explores the relationship between mental health and nutrition from the realms of psychology, nutrition and holistic wellness. Amber believes there is an undeniable connection between our inner emotional landscape and the nutrients we provide our bodies. She advocates for embracing self-care as a cornerstone of personal growth.

Join Amber Krystal on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and the exploration of authentic beauty from within by purchasing the “Beauty, Mental Health, Nutrition: Living From The Inside Out” ebook here. For more information about Amber Thee Beauty Coach’s coaching services and speaking, please visit her website at or connect with her on social media @theebeautycoach.


Amber Thee Beauty Coach is a board certified licensed esthetician, esthetics instructor, dual-certified makeup artist and an ordained minister with a blend of expertise that transcends traditional beauty coaching. Her renowned repertoire spans across a diverse skill set including special effects, media of film, video, print and bridal. Amber offers an unique approach to helping women uncover their inner beauty with her inspirational journey and relatable authenticity as a beacon of hope for women from all walks of life. In addition to her versatility in coaching, Amber has graced the big screen in Hallmark Films such as “Christmas In Harmony,” “To Her With Love,” and “Girlfriendship.” She’s also made appearances on the set of the Spectrum Originals TV show series “George and Tammy.” Amber Thee Beauty Coach has garnered recognition in esteemed publications such as Ask Us Beauty Magazine, Sheen Magazine, 100 Fearless Women Magazine and She Exist Magazine, along with numerous other international outlets including “Positive Impact TV” based in Cancun, Mexico.

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