I WAS A SOLDIER – Indie Film is a Powerful and Uplifting True Story of a Veteran’s Love for His Four Legged Companion

I WAS A SOLDIER – Malarky (Right) helps Dave and his dog Sally as they search for hope.

I WAS A SOLDIER – Sally the dog.

I WAS A SOLDIER – Dave is homeless, but hoping to find work, despite his PTSD.

Random Media Proudly Presents Wide Streaming Debut – Starting April 9, 2024!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Indie film leader Random Media along with, Great British Entertainment & Lexicon Film Productions, proudly announce the streaming debut of an inspiring tale of friendship and comradery, I WAS A SOLDIER, to all major transactional VOD platforms, beginning April 9, 2024. Based on true-life events, it is the powerful story of Dave, a homeless veteran who has been cast out by the system as he copes with PTSD, that is comforted only by his best friend and lone companion, a dog named Sally. After the duo are viciously attacked while struggling to survive on the streets, Dave rushes his canine companion to surgery. Sally’s injuries reveal she has more serious health problems requiring thousands of dollars to save her life. Faced with the prospect of losing his only friend, Dave desperately searches for hope, only to find it in the unlikeliest of places. I WAS A SOLDIER is a dramatic and remarkable tale of compassion, community and the power of human kindness.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/yTpd8VA8xWY?si=mdbGZ0A7oF4ICAOY Downloadable/Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/838468992

LOGLINE: The uplifting tale of a homeless veteran who finds hope in an unlikely place while trying to save his beloved dog.

I WAS A SOLDIER’s dramatic and inspiring story of homeless veteran Dave Simms is based on lead actor Russell Meyers’ father’s life, and real veterans who live on the streets. The film features a fantastic additional cast including Kevin Horsham as Malcky, Eleanor Byrne as Ruth, Heather Cairns as Council Officer Morgan and James Hare as Council Officer Harris. Written and Directed by Myles Petford, the film was produced by Meyers, and Jenna Popperwell, David Reynolds, Maz Reynolds and Myles Petford, with music by Toby Dunham. In advance of wide distribution, I WAS A SOLDIER was an Official Selection as festivals including the Budapest Movie Awards, the Milton Keynes International Film Festival, Indie House, the Cannes Film Awards, the Anarchy Film Festival, the Birmingham Film Festival and was the winner of ‘Best Indie Feature’ at the 2022 Liverpool Independent Awards.

FULL SYNOPSIS: Dave Simms is a Falkland War Veteran. Through the aftermath of his service, he battles PTSD that has left him destitute and alone with the loss of his wife, children, home and dignity, to live on the rough streets. With the arrival of New Year’s Eve, the exploding fireworks fill the cold night sky, triggering his severe flashbacks to wartime. He cowers, terrified into the corner of a doorway with his hands tearing at his face & clothes. His only solace is his best friend & lone companion, Sally the Dog. Every day they sit on the streets, begging for loose change to allow them to survive. When one day they are both ruthlessly attacked and Sally is badly injured, Dave must rush to find care at a local veterinary surgery. While the wounds will heal, the treatment leads to the grim discovery that Sally has more serious health problems – a tumor which will cost Dave thousands in surgery… to save his beloved friend.

With the pressure of perhaps losing his best and only friend Sally, Dave leaves the city in search of a way to save her. He finds hope in the unlikeliest of places after meeting Malcky, a food truck vendor and fellow veteran. With his newfound friendship, Dave and Malcky quickly unite in hopes of raising money to save Sally, alongside fighting the broken system that has abandoned Dave, with hopes of turning his life around too. It is a dramatic and remarkable tale of compassion, community and the power of human kindness.

Released By/Studio: Random Media
Director: Myles Petford
Writers: Myles Petford, Russell Meyers
Music: Toby Dunham
Producers: Myles Petford, Russell Meyers, Jenna Popperwell, David Reynolds, Maz Reynolds
Running Time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Independent
Rating: TV-G
Availability/Price: varies by streaming platform (Amazon, Google Play, etc.)

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