Making Waves: Aquanimity Launches its “Be A Part of the Yacht Crew” Experience for 2024

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DuFour 48 Catamaran with Massive Flybridge

Aquanimity invites bold economically conscious guests who desire to learn sailing on a non-luxury cruise from Grenada back to its home base St. Thomas, USVI.

Live Your Best Life and Sail More — Caribbean Yacht Charter With Aquanimity”

— The Crew

ST. THOMAS, VIRGIN ISLANDS, USA, September 7, 2023/ — Aquanimity‘s crew on the DuFour 48 catamaran is thrilled to announce its exciting plans for the 2024 season, inviting charter guests to embark on an unforgettable journey into the sailing world by becoming crew yacht members for a specific repositioning charter. Uniquely developed for economical, budget-friendly yacht charter guests comfortable as deckhands of the Captain on a non-luxury sailing while learning almost everything about sailing a catamaran to how to anchor properly.

Aquanimity has been synonymous with luxury, adventure, and unparalleled charter service experiences since its first sailing in December 2021. With this new chartering experience, the yacht guests will be able to learn the ropes, ensuring that even those with little to no sailing experience can fully enjoy the thrill of the open sea.

“This idea and goal is to provide a glimpse into sailing a catamaran, but as crew, make it affordable and enjoyable for all,” said Aquanimity’s owners. “By taking advantage of this opportunity, our charterers learn the trades of sailing a 48 ft. catamaran.”

Along with the new crew member repositioning experience, Aquanimity offers luxury sailing in the Caribbean. Guests can expect various customizable packages, from intimate romantic getaways to family-friendly adventures and group charters. Aquanimity’s 48 ft luxurious catamaran is equipped to provide the utmost comfort and safety throughout every journey.

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