Mars Soon To Be Acquired By Billionaires’ Rocket Companies, Says “Brave New Mars” Novel From Kwest House.

Mars’ magnificent Mariner Valley shows on the cover of Brave New Mars.

Billionaires are building rockets that can reach Mars. They want to own the destinations too.

When it’s done for profit, all the love goes away .”

— Somerset Meece

KEY WEST, FL, USA, July 5, 2023/ — Trips to Mars may occur in the twenty-twenties now that a Corporation is building “Starships” in Brownsville, Texas. SpaceX says their Starships will be “the world’s most powerful space launch vehicles, fully reusable transportation systems designed to carry both crew and cargo to Earth orbit, to the Moon and to Mars and beyond.”

SpaceX is building the worlds biggest rockets and is owned by a former “World’s Richest Person,” Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos, the owner of, is another former “W.R.P.” who is building reusable orbital rockets that will enable Lunar and Martian travel. These are ambitious people who always reach higher. They won’t be content with merely monetizing trips to outer space, they will want to own the destinations, too.

“Brave New Mars” is a new science fiction novel which imagines what Mars Frontier Life will be like after it is acquired by over-reaching capitalists who will turn it into a Corpocracy for Commerce instead of a Commonwealth for Commoners.

The author, Somerset Meece, from Somerset, Kentucky, grew up in the Air Force during the dawn of the jet age and expected aerospace technology would have us traveling to Mars long before now. He is a member of aerospace and astronomy societies. He loves ‘good’ science fiction movies and wrote this novel like a visual movie. Somerset sharpened his novelist pen on his debut novel called “Tin Can,” about the destroyer he served on during the Tonkin Gulf Incidents in 1964 that provoked an unjust war in Viet Nam.

Blue Ink Reviews lauds the novel, saying; “Brave New Mars is a high tech, futuristic, rocket-head drama, coated with a thoughtful grasp of the human psyche while examining the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power and how it consumes the freedom of its victims.”

This entertaining and informative “cozy” scifi novel is available in hardcover from Ingram Content Group and from Barnes & Noble booksellers. Also published in trade paperback and Kindle digital reader formats. See:
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