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2024 Black History Month Award Quarter Finalists Films List

potential awardees from 100 Films Retreat #4

Blue Dance 100 Films Retreat #4 Attendees 2024

Blue Dance 100 Films Retreat #4 Attendees 2024

May 23-26, 2024 live & in-person screenings will be from 100 different countries with first to supply marketing requirements from each country being Selected.

Filmmakers do not get much from a film festival that one does not attend, but they get a bunch when they attend their 100 Films Retreat live & in-person Inland Empire region of SoCal USA screening!”

— Phillip E. Walker-MFA

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — First of all, see the video embedded below of how 3rd District City Council Member Ryan A. Hutchinson’s February 1st pronouncement at the Shiloh retreat facility in Southern California 91737 USA invoked the 100 Films Retreat #4 kick-off of 2024 Black History Month Celebrations in Rancho Cucamonga. Councilman Hutchinson will soon be presented with his official Dignitary Attending Bronze Medallion.

Since 57 countries were Officially Selected for 100 Films Retreat’s inaugural May 2023 quarter, 79 different countries Selected in its August second quarter of screenings, 85 countries for its December 100 Films Retreat #3 and 53 countries on 7 continents were represented during this month’s 100 #4 African Diaspora 2024 quarter, our May 2024 fifth quarter is on track to reach its original goal of Officially Selecting short movies, films and/or videos from 100 different countries to launch its second year of screenings in the City that is building America’s first ever high-speed rail hub – Cucamonga Station. Traditionally Selecting works on a first come-first served basis, the first short from each new country that supplies to 100 Films Retreat #5: (1) or downloading of their under 15 minutes in length FILM/VIDEO, (2) a high-resolution digital file of that Short’s POSTER plus (3) their Production’s under 29 seconds in length COMMERCIAL, will be Officially Selected to represent their country via screening and competing for that quarter’s Grand Prize, Best Film Commercial and Top Movie Poster. As only India, Iran and USA representatives have already been Officially Selected to date, we continue to be open to your video or film representing your Country during May of 2024.

Therefore, since FREE submission categories are available until this month’s end, submitting as early as possible is the action that not only saves you money on your submission fee, but is also the way to have your production quickly become a part of this totally international independent gathering. So, submit right NOW at and let’s get your art Selected. Because Selection announcements are made on an as-soon-as-qualified basis, there will be no waiting for months to know that your work made the cut, like what happens with most live & in-person film festival events.

USA based video/film submissions are also being accepted for 100 Films Retreat #6 August 15-19, 2024 showcasing.

With 100 Films Retreat now qualified, May 2024 Official Selections will be listed therein, in addition to Nominees and Awardees being identified in that professional debase.

Plus, physical trophies, medallions, certificates, magnetic laurels, etc. will eventually be shipped to winners at the Retreat’s cost.

Furthermore, Walker Entertainer Academy is currently preparing to deliver a major proposal to the City of Rancho Cucamonga Economic Development office that, if funded, will result in an exciting new public screening venue which will be added to the current 100 Films Retreat facility. Your submitting before that new screening venue is announced, will ensure that your production gets Officially Selected in advance of the rush of filmmakers and video content creators that will submit to compete as a result of this upgrade.

More importantly, filmmakers who attend their 100 Films Retreat live & in-person Film Festivaling block will be honored at a level that they have never before received!

This month’s 100 Films Retreat #4 Award Quarter-Finalist include: Alex Westgate’s “All in the Cards”, Gina Gelphman’s “Black Women and WWII: The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion”, Elya Randrianaivo’s “Blue Dance”, David Brown’s “Breaking The Stigma: ADHD in African Americans Documentary Trailer”, Josh Cardenas’ “Buffalo Soldiers: George Jordan and the Indian Wars”, 浩然 郭’s “Celeste”, Hope D. Williams’ “Coming Home to Ghana”, Stephanie Bell’s “Dancing with Maleeah”, Deborah Victor-Okhai’s “Haven”, Paul Wenske’s “I’m So Glad: Kansas City And The Roots Of Black Gospel Music, The Untold Story” trailer, Celik Kayalar’s “Imagine – 1619”, Ester T. Ferman’s “Lost in the Old Bamboo”, Joshua Lavelle Newman’s “Messenger”, Khadijah Cobb’s “Notice Me”, Sivaranjani Sivagurunathan’s, “Periods Pongal”, 超 刘’s “See Oneself”, Robrecht Berg’s “Zoltar’s Fortune” and more, are pictured in the certificate herein.

African American Drama Company’s 16th Phillip E. Walker Acting Retrospective Series productions that were highlighted outside-of-competition during the fourth quarterly 100 Films Retreat included: “2022 Black History Month – a Phillip E. Walker Video Memoir”, the “Courteney Cox on Instagram” video, David Schell’s “Darkroom”, Vahan Bedelian’s “Fitz” & “WineGame”, Walker’s “Hollywood Actor Jobs” questions video, Andre Campbell’s “Lew’s Up First”, 2023 Rancho Cucamonga 48 Hour Film Project’s “On the Rocks” trailer, the first ever public reading of Iranian Sasan Golfar’s “Revenge of the Hapless” script, Producer John Michael Elfers 14th memorial “Sweetest Vacation” screening, PhilE’s (stage name) “Wild Models Demo Reel”, plus Social Media Coordinator Johnnie Mae Greene’s “Celebrating Me” book launch video.

100 Films Retreats are graciously hosted by prolific Hollywood talent who just shot his 100th official music video (“Acid Queen”) among more than 2000 different California professional productions during his first Southern California decade including: the Courteney Cox directorial debut E&J Gallo Wine’s Clos Du Bois “Long Live” spot whose Screen Actor’s Guild National Commercial campaign launched during the 95th Academy Award® televised ceremony, while Phil also appeared as the dancing hero in Rakuten’s “The Cash Back Shimmy with Steph Curry” commercial, plus he currently stars in film festival screenings of Rancho Cucamonga’s most successful film ever, the soon to be 200 time awarded from nearly 40 countries on 6 continents suspenseful dark comedy fantasy romp

Finally, during 100 Films Retreat California wine tasting receptions, the public enjoys up close & personal Red Carpet photos with attending filmmakers and other dignitaries by reserving limited film viewing seats at

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