Post-Summit Insights: The Future of Web 3.0 Entertainment Looks Bright

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 4, 2023 / — After three eventful days, the global AI & Web3 Investment EDGE Summit wrapped up on a high note. The event was filled with exciting discussions, new partnerships, and a focus on building into the future of many industries. The H3 Entertainment (H3E) team took to the stage, representing Hollywood 3.0, bringing much excitement to the crowd.

Additionally, the team even set up their very own booth showcasing a vision for the future of entertainment.

The EDGE Summit, held in Hong Kong between the 25th and the 27th of September, 2023, brought together visionaries, industry experts, and innovators to explore the integration of cutting-edge AI and Web3 in redefining the landscape for stakeholders across the board. The summit saw some exciting announcements, including H3 Entertainment’s unveiling of “The Classic of the Mountain and Seas”, an NFT-related IP that promises to be a pioneering venture that bridges the past and future of storytelling.

Classic Of Mountain and Seas Announcement:

As H3 Entertainment built into the new age of Hollywood, they were excited to bring something notable to the table. H3 Entertainment was excited to announce the creation of an NFT-related IP of “The Classic of the Mountain and Seas”.

“The Classic of the Mountains and Seas,” also known as “Shan Hai Jing” is a popular Chinese classic, a compilation of ancient Chinese myths, legends, and folklore. It is considered one of the earliest examples of Chinese literature and has had a significant influence on Chinese culture, art, and mythology.

H3E’s version of the classic story takes on a cyberpunk style with the promise of a fresh, visually stunning take on the story.

Overall, this announcement stands as a testament to the growing importance of NFTs in the world of entertainment but also a nod to the remarkable potential they hold for creators and enthusiasts alike. The concept of NFT-related IPs coming to life breaks boundaries and opens doors for the upshift of the entertainment world.

An Era of Experiential Entertainment:

Jaysen Lai, H3E Co-Founder, took to the stage to discuss “An Era of Experiential Entertainment.” Lai elaborated on the potential Web 3.0 tools bring to the table for entertainment, particularly how they could enhance both the viewers and creator’s experience. Lai further underscored the importance of responsible and strategic technology used to enrich storytelling and entertainment creation.

Among the crowd, Lai was greeted with partners such as Daren Marketplace (H3E’s NFT technical partner), NovaCross (H3E’s NFT designer.), and mov, Inc. (Advanced Online Ticketing NFT Platform).

The Past Painting The Future:

On the final day of the EDGE Summit, Sid Ganis, an industry veteran with decades of experience in Hollywood and H3E Co-Founder, illuminated the potential of the role that Web 3.0 will have in the entertainment landscape.

In his keynote session, Ganis addressed the audience with his wealth of knowledge and insights on the film industry’s past, present, and future. Ganis emphasized a fundamental truth during his talk – no matter what AI brings to the table, it’s storytelling remains at the heart of entertainment and media, and human input will always be the key to the best stories.

He emphasized that while technology is monumental, it must coexist harmoniously with the heart and soul of storytelling. “No question about it. This wonderful new technology before us is clearly the way forward, but still the basis for the way forward is the expression of the emotion of love and compassionate story telling,” Ganis highlighted.

H3 Entertainment anticipated that the Edge Sumit would be an exciting experience and are proud to have played a part in it. The EDGE Summit successfully provided a platform for industry leaders and enthusiasts to unite and emphasize the synergy between technology and storytelling.

About H3 Entertainment (H3E):

H3 Entertainment is a new, exciting force building from within the entertainment industry, spearheading a future for Hollywood 3.0. H3E has an unwavering commitment to transitioning into a new era of entertainment, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies along the way. H3E sees how Web3, the Metaverse, and AI tools will benefit entertainment creation and viewer experience. H3E’s vision is to make the industry more inclusive with solutions that include a digital IP marketplace and a community-centric production house. Initiatives that empower fans, creators, and investors to directly engage with their favorite content while simultaneously reinforcing the bond between intellectual property and its dedicated audience.

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