Readers Recommend Michael Joseph Mahn’s Killing Time

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Killing Time is a book recommended by The US Review of Books and recognized as a notable book by the Pacific Book Review.

Hurricane Katrina left New Orleans in ruins—corpses permeated desolated establishments, looters rampaged, and the mad number of deaths kept growing. However, the increasing death toll did not all come from the storm casualties. In an unusual crime scene in one of the surviving hotels, three victims have no recorded fingerprints. This and other foul plays were reported, and a former district attorney, Vietnam veteran, and Irish Republican army recruit Henry Xavier O’Grady was working on uncovering the truth. In the middle of it, he came across Martin “The Kid” Montague, a writer who was also a witness of the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination. This part of his past was now catching up to him. The Kid was on the run for his life because the wicked didn’t want him to uncover the truth about what happened in that assassination in Dallas. These men made enemies thanks to how well they do their jobs. Both of them found solace in their shared pain, forming an odd friendship.

Joe Kilgore’s review in The US Review of Books saying that the “plot is intricate, the prose is precise, and the dialogue often dances with an Irish lilt” are what we can expect in the switch between the backstories narrated and their development to the setting of the story.

A book review by Anne-Marie Reynolds in the Readers’ Favorite asserts Killing Time by Michael Joseph Mahn as “a cracking thriller, a fast-paced story that takes off hard and accelerates, never slowing down until the explosive ending.” She further describes the characters as “solid, intriguing, real people, and the plot is intricate yet easy to follow.”

Joe Kilgore commended how Michael Joseph Mahn orchestrated this book in his review in The US Review of Books: “His action sequences strike with cinematic impact. Solid storytelling, captivating characters, and a pulsating pace make this contemporary potboiler a fun and fulfilling ride.”

Christina Avina shares what future readers of Killing Time can expect in reading it in her book review in Pacific Book Review: “The imagery and atmosphere in the author’s writing really brings both this setting and the air of mystery this narrative takes to life in a natural and believable way.”

For readers, Michael Joseph Mahn did a great job in producing a tense-packed thriller book that layers its mysteries well with subtle foreshadowing that contributes to satisfying reveals. Ebook and paperback copies of Killing Time by Michael Joseph Mahn are available at

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