SoCal Cinema Studios Teams With Allied Vaughn For Distribution

SoCal Cinema Studios, LLC and Allied Vaughn

Dustin Ferguson, Owner of SoCal Cinema Studios, LLC

Dustin Ferguson of SoCal Cinema Studios, LLC to distribute back catalog via MOD through Allied Vaughn

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2024 / — SoCal Cinema Studios, LLC has teamed up with MOD Distributor Allied Vaughn. 20 titles will be released on DVD throughout this Summer, available from retailers Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and more.

The first film that will be available is “The Last Roommate” (2020). The remaining titles include: “Terror at Black Tree Forest” (2021 Remake), “The Clown Chainsaw Massacre” (2022), “Beyond The Gates of Hell” (2022), “Demon Predator” (2022), “Big F*cking Snake” (2023), “Cocaine Cougar” (2023), “Cobra Strike Force” (2023), “Doll Killer 2” (2021), “Doll Killer 3” (2023), “Silent Night Bloody Night 2” (2015), “Don’t Trick or Treat Alone!” (2022), “Found Footage of Fear” (2020), “Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror” (2022), “VHS Violence: Bootlegged” (2022), “Gloved Murderess” (2015), “The Creeps” (2021), “The Creeps 2” (2021), “The Dark House of Mystery” (2023) and “Return to The Dark House of Mystery” (2024).

About SoCal Cinema Studios, LLC

In early 2019 SoCal Cinema Studios emerged as a vibrant hub within the dynamic world of Independent Filmmaking, nestled in the heart of Southern California. Established with a vision to foster creativity and innovation, it quickly became a cornerstone of the region’s cinematic landscape.

Founded by Filmmaker Dustin Ferguson and a collective of seasoned industry professionals and passionate filmmakers, SoCal Cinema Studios was born out of a desire to provide a platform for both established auteurs and budding talents to bring their “horrific” visions to life. From its inception, the studio’s mission has been to nurture artistic expression while maintaining a commitment to it’s fans and social media Followers.

Driven by a spirit of collaboration and a dedication to pushing boundaries, SoCal Cinema Studios has cultivated a diverse roster of projects spanning across genres and mediums. From micro-budget “Slashers” to viral “Mockbuster” sensations, the studio has consistently delivered compelling content that resonates with audiences worldwide. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, the studio remains at the forefront of innovation, shaping the future of Independent Filmmaking for generations to come.

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