Sullyman The Third (‘The Comedy Film Rock Band’) Releases Third Music Comedy Film ‘CHAT ST3 RING CIRCUS’ with Soundtrack

New York-based Rockers Take on AI

It’s about bringing the visual and the audio together under one gigantic smile.”

— Sully

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2024 / — Sullyman The Third (‘The Comedy Film Rock Band’) Releases Its Third Music Comedy Short Film ‘CHAT ST3 RING CIRCUS’ Alongside Ten-Song Soundtrack Via South Tenth Media

Award-winning rock band Sullyman The Third (‘The Comedy Film Rock Band’) has released via South Tenth Media its third music comedy short film – CHAT ST3 RING CIRCUS – that is about artificial intelligence alongside their recently released AI-related ten-song soundtrack.

“To stay relevant in entertainment,” said director, screenwriter and co-star Sullyman The Third (who goes by Sully), “you must be connected to the latest happenings to land on the music charts. And the only thing hotter than Taylor Swift is AI – and that’s what our new songs and movie are all about.”

Combining music and comedy into a movie is no easy task and when you throw in AI, that’s a tall order. However, the Long Island-based New York quartet of vocalist/pianist Sullyman The Third, bassist Gregg Steele, guitarist George Kurth and drummer Steve Glover have no problem with combining mediums.

In their latest film, the band somehow discovers a way to combine their instruments with the new AI technology and with hilarious results. Mixing in their original songs makes everything even more dynamic.

“We’re good at blending visual and audio,” said Sully. “I’m no Steven Spielberg but I created an AI story with topical lyrics and now ST3 has yet another film that’s keeping us in the entertainment conversation.”

Surprisingly, the COVID shutdown back in 2020 was a blessing in disguise for ST3. “When my longtime music mentor, who is an influential British rock legend guitarist and songwriter from the 1960s, suggested doing short films,” said Sully, “I refocused our vision ASAP and made our band 100% visual.”

Getting nominated and winning in the ‘mockumentary’ category the past two years in earlier ST3 films such as BAD STEPS TO ROCK STARDOM (2022) and A NOTE ABOUT GREED (2023) has only boosted their confidence at a time where the quartet are all card-carrying AARP members.

“We’re aware that ST3 has a combined age of around 250,” said Sully. “But we’ve moved on from the crappy club circuit since we thrive in this ‘late career Beatles non-touring’ type platform because we have now established our musical identity – The Comedy Film Rock Band!”

Sullyman The Third’s new film is on YouTube alongside ST3’s music that is available on digital music platforms.

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