The Manna Chronicles “The Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones Book I” and “Ghost Gold Book II” by Chris Reynolds

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Author Chris Reynolds’ latest works, “The Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones” and “Ghost Gold”, are the first two books in “The Manna Chronicles” series. These books delve into the mysterious world of Maya Harrington and her father, exploring ancient Egyptian mythology, including the IARU Ayaru (Egyptians Book of the Dead), and the concept of the 7th Heaven, also known as the Garden of Eden in biblical references.

“The Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones” is a thrilling journey that intertwines known truths, ancient myths, arcane facts, and legends to craft a tale of suspense and intrigue that can only be unraveled through the lens of unconventional insight. It follows the story of Maya Harrington, an archaeologist who embarks on a perilous path to find her missing father, quantum physicist Dr. Alex Harrington. As Maya unravels the layers of the greatest mystery of all time, she discovers that powerful forces are desperate to stop her from exposing their plans and that the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

In the sequel, “Ghost Gold”, Maya Harrington continues her quest to confront the evil forces that threaten to enslave humanity with their New World Order. This book explores the possibility that the Knights Templar hid an Ancient Egyptian Secret in the stained glass of their Gothic Cathedrals, and Maya must decipher the ancient clues to save mankind. As she uncovers lost treasure, encounters prominent biblical characters, and navigates ancient prophecies, Maya grapples with the question of whether destiny is real and if she is the hope that can lead to a different outcome.

About the Author
Chris Reynolds, a man of many facets – a father, husband, writer, musician, adventurer, explorer, inventor, and a faithful friend, is pleased to announce the release of his latest books in “The Manna Chronicles” series. Born to a sailor and raised in Maine, Reynolds has lived in numerous places from Bar Harbor to Pacific Palisades, California. His life experiences and love for history and research have shaped his storytelling, making his books a treasure trove of ancient mysteries, alternative histories, and personal destinies.

The inspiration behind writing this book stems from a lifelong fascination with ancient mysteries and alternative historical theories. Initially sparked by a curiosity about the construction of the pyramids and the enigma surrounding their creators, he delved deeper into other lesser-known historical sites and narratives. As he embarked on a journey of extensive research, he encountered numerous alternative theories and perspectives that often diverged from the widely accepted explanations. These discrepancies fueled his desire to delve even further into the mysteries of the past and to uncover the untold stories hidden beneath the surface of conventional history. After immersing himself in over 200 books of research, he decided to let others explore some of these ancient mysteries in a compelling story.

Message from the Author

The stories are action packed adventures of Maya and her team trying to thwart a hidden cabal who is desperate to create a New World Order – and not that of benevolent individuals. Even today – we can feel it all around us. Never assume just because something is labeled a conspiracy, that it is not true.

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Recently, Chris Reynolds participated in a Prime Seven Media Spotlight interview with Logan Crawford and answered questions about his book. Taking part in the interview not only showcased his expertise but also granted audiences a deeper understanding of the book and the ideas that have shaped his compelling narrative. (Logan Crawford TV Interview Link: )

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