The Return of “Up, Up, and Away” IPA to No Label Brewing Co., in Grand Alliance with Bedrock City Comic Co.

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Join No Label & Bedrock City for “Up, Up & Away” IPA’s return, with art by Aaron Lopresti. A heroic brew adventure awaits this Friday

KATY, TX, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2024 / — No Label Brewing Co., in strategic partnership with Bedrock City Comic Co., is delighted to announce the highly anticipated reintroduction of the “Up, Up, and Away” Hazy IPA, an offering that pays homage to the iconic figures of heroism within the comic book realm. This event, scheduled for this Friday at No Label Brewing Co.’s esteemed facility in Katy, Texas, promises not only the return of a beloved craft beer but also a comprehensive suite of entertainment and gastronomic offerings.

**Entertainment Lineup:** The event will feature the distinguished Texas TNT, a musical group known for their dynamic performances, who will be delivering live sets from 7 to 10 PM. Attendees can expect a sonic journey through genres such as rhythm and blues, rock, and country, designed to complement the evening’s festivities.

**Culinary Ventures:** Aligning with the theme of heroism, “Up, Up, and Away” will be accompanied by an array of gourmet food trucks, each offering unique culinary experiences. Divine Dogs will be presenting an assortment of gourmet hot dogs, CHAMOS Food Truck will provide a taste of Venezuelan cuisine, TX Birria Boyz will offer their signature dishes, and Rock ‘n’ Cajun will cater to seafood enthusiasts with their exquisite crawfish offerings. This culinary lineup ensures a diverse range of dining options for attendees.

The reintroduction of “Up, Up, and Away,” highlighted by its distinctive can art by Aaron Lopresti, alongside the array of entertainment and dining options, underscores No Label Brewing Co.’s commitment to creating memorable experiences that go beyond the beer. This event is positioned as a celebration of the arts, from brewing to culinary to the visual arts, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

No Label Brewing Co. invites enthusiasts of craft beer, fine food, and quality entertainment to join in this celebration, which promises to be an unparalleled assembly of flavors, sounds, and community spirit. This is not merely a beer launch; it is a testament to the enduring appeal of storytelling, creativity, and fellowship.

**About No Label Brewing Company:**
Founded in 2010 by a visionary family team in Katy, Texas, No Label Brewing Company epitomizes innovation, quality, and a commitment to community engagement. It is renowned in the craft beer industry for its diverse and flavorful beer selections.

**About Bedrock City Comic Co.:**
As a cornerstone in the comic book and pop culture sectors, Bedrock City Comic Co. serves as a hub for enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering an extensive collection of comic books, memorabilia, and more, solidifying its status as Houston’s foremost comic book retailer.

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