World Expo 2025: Pasona Group Pavilion “PASONA NATUREVERSE” to Feature “Astro Boy” and “Black Jack” as Navigators




Pasona Group Pavilion "PASONA NATUREVERSE" Concept Design

Pasona Group Pavilion “PASONA NATUREVERSE” Concept Design

Professor Yoshiki Sawa of Osaka University, Executive Producer of the Pavilion

Professor Yoshiki Sawa of Osaka University, Executive Producer of the Pavilion

Architect Satoshi Itasaka, architectural designer of the pavilion

Architect Satoshi Itasaka, architectural designer of the pavilion

The classic Japanese anime & manga characters will guide visitors around the “PASONA NATUREVERSE” pavilion.

AWAJI CITY, HYOGO PREFECTURE, JAPAN, September 25, 2023 / — Pasona Group Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yasuyuki Nambu) will develop a private sector pavilion at the World Expo 2025 in Japan (Osaka-Kansai Expo). It was announced that the pavilion navigator (guide) for the Pasona Group pavilion “PASONA NATUREVERSE” will be the character “Astro Boy”, and the area navigator for the “body (future of medicine)” section will be the character “Black Jack”. Both “Astro Boy” and “Black Jack” will also be the PR navigators for “PASONA NATUREVERSE”. Pasona Group plans to continue developing “PASONA NATUREVERSE” pavilion and collaborating with the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition (public interest incorporated association), aiming for the success of the Osaka-Kansai Expo.

■ About the “PASONA NATUREVERSE” Navigators
Heralding the concept of “Thank You, Life.”, the Pasona Group pavilion “PASONA NATUREVERSE” welcomes Professor Yoshiki Sawa, Professor Emeritus of Osaka University and leading figure in the field of regenerative medicine using iPS cells, as Executive Producer, with exhibitions themed around “body, mind, and bonds”.

[Pavilion Navigator: Astro Boy]
“Astro Boy”, the robot with a human spirit, will be featured as the overall navigator for “PASONA NATUREVERSE”. As a symbol of the fusion between humans and technology, “Astro Boy” will show guests around the pavilion with the aim of creating a world which reverberates with gratitude, and a truly enriching “mutual society” that connects people together. Pasona Group aims for visitors of the pavilion to learn about the history of life, the wisdom of humanity, and the design of the future society, as well as feel a sense of gratitude for life, thereby feeling a greater sense of gratitude toward life.

About Astro Boy:
・Manga: April 1952 – March 1968 “Shonen” (Kobunsha)
・TV Anime: January 1963 – December 1966 (Fuji Television), October 1980 – December 1981 (Nippon TV), April 2003 – March 2004 (Fuji Television)
The manga is a sci-fi hero story featuring Astro Boy, the 100,000 horsepower young robot boy, and his adventures in the future world. One of the most famous works of the writer/illustrator Osamu Tezuka. In 1963, the anime became the first serialized anime series to air on TV in Japan, and was a major hit, becoming the cornerstone of what is now known as Japanese anime. In addition to Astro Boy’s adventures, the story features his growth as he experiences miscommunication between humans and robots.

[Body Section Navigator: Black Jack]
The navigator of the “body (future medicine)” exhibition area will be the genius surgeon “Black Jack”. He will be introducing a variety of cutting-edge technologies related to the “body (future medicine)”, including iPS heart muscle sheets, a “symbol of life” developed by Professor Yoshiki Sawa, the pavilion’s Executive Producer. With a stronger will than anybody to save the lives of his patients, “Black Jack” inquires, “What is life?”, “What is human happiness?”. The presence of “Black Jack” links to a theme of the pavilion, of the state of a “truly fulfilling society”.

About Black Jack:
・Manga: November 1973 – October 1983 “Weekly Shonen Champion” (Akita Shoten)
・TV Anime: October 2004 – July 2006 (Yomiuri TV, Nippon TV)
Black Jack is a genius unlicensed surgeon who saves patients from deadly emergencies. Despite colossal medical expenses, he is trusted by patients as their last hope. The work features themes of medicine and existence, constantly posing questions such as “what does it mean to be a doctor?”, “what is precious in life?”, and “what is more important than money?” Black Jack depicts not only medical treatment, but a figure facing society itself.

Pasona Group’s job is to harness the potential of the individual. We aim to help build a society in which everyone can flourish in good health and vibrance.

“Thank You, Life.” We want to create a world where life is respected; a world enveloped in gratitude for life, from children to the elderly, among all people across the world. Our society is a part of the natural world, and humanity’s continued existence is thanks to nature. However, at some point, we began to take nature for granted. Have we forgotten to be grateful?

Giving thanks to each other, to the rich blessings bestowed upon humanity by nature, and for the fact that we are alive right now. We want to create a new world in which these expressions of thanks resonate and are passed down to the next generation. We hope that many people from all over the world will visit our pavilion and become creators of a future in which reverberates with gratitude, and work together with us to create the “NATUREVERSE” (Nature×Universe). This is the hope of Pasona Group.

■ Main Themes of Pasona Group’s Pavilion
(1) Body: Medical / Food
Creating a healthy body through the latest medical care and food.
※As Executive Producer of the pavilion, Pasona Group welcomes Dr. Yoshiki Sawa, Professor Emeritus of Osaka University and leading expert in regenerative medicine using iPS cells.
(2) Heart: Life Purpose / Compassion
Many things have occurred in our society since the pandemic began. Now is the time to create a spiritually rich society in which everyone can think about their future based on the spirit of “compassion,” and which is full of diversity and purpose in life.
(3) Bonds: Work / Mutual Aid
Creating a truly prosperous society in which all people can work vibrantly and live happily, in other words, a “society of mutual assistance” and a “mutual society”.

■”PASONA NATUREVERSE” Executive Producer
Mr. Yoshiki Sawa
・Graduated from Osaka University School of Medicine in 1980
・Professor Emeritus of Osaka University
・Leading expert in cardiovascular surgery and regenerative medicine (first in the world to commercialize myocardial regenerative medicine; pushed for heart sheets to be covered by insurance; first successful in-human myocardial regeneration therapy using iPS cells.)

■About the Architecture of “PASONA NATUREVERSE”

[Architectural Design Concept]
“The Spiral of Life: From Ammonites to iPS Cells”
The architectural design of the pavilion adopts the spiral shape of ammonites as a “symbol of life”. As organisms which lived approximately 400 million years ago and survived three mass extinction events, ammonites can be regarded as our “predecessors of life”. The natural world contains countless spirals of varying scales, as seen in cosmic nebulae and typhoons on the macro scale and in DNA on the micro scale. We posit the spiral as a symbol of a society of true abundance, where people connect with each other toward the pavilion’s goal of a “world that reverberates with gratitude”.

Through its exhibition, Pasona Group aims for visitors of the pavilion to learn about the history of life, the wisdom of humanity, and the design of the future society, as well as feel a sense of gratitude for life, thereby feeling a greater sense of gratitude toward life.

[Architectural Overview]
Site area: 3,514.42 m2
Building area: 2,321.43 m2
Total floor area: 2,284.87 m2
Maximum height: 16.755 m
Structure: Steel frame
Floors: 2
Design: Satoshi Itasaka

■ Pasona Group Inc. Company Overview
Since its founding in 1976, Pasona Group Inc. has promoted diversity under its corporate philosophy of providing “Solutions to Society’s Problems” and has continued to create opportunities for each and every one of us to play an active role with dreams and pride.
In 2008, we began the challenge of regional revitalization by attracting human resources to Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture. We are taking on the challenge of bringing a way of life and work that is enriching both physically and mentally, and to create new industries with dreams, including a health industry that takes advantage of the rich nature, food, and culture of Awaji Island.

Location: PASONA SQUARE Minami-Aoyama 3-1-30 Minato-ku, Tokyo
Foundation: February 16, 1976
Paid-in capital: 5 billion yen
Business activities: Expert Services (temporary staffing), BPO Services (contracting), HR Consulting, Education & Training, Global Sourcing (overseas HR services), Career Solutions (employee placement, career support), Outsourcing, Life Solutions, Regional Revitalization Solutions

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