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Indignor House Proudly Introduces – An Expected End

Indignor House Proudly Introduces – An Expected End

An Expected End

Amanda Sue Creasey – Author

Indignor House

One thing certain in an uncertain world.”

— Amanda Sue Creasey

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, RICHMOND, September 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Indignor House’s newest release, An Expected End, will excite and entice those who love a book that cannot be put down.

Penelope is in love. Penelope is planning her wedding. However, one thing stands in her way – the Enrollment! Everyone is enrolled! Enrollment helps us plan for the future; ensure we take advantage of everything life has to offer. Does Penelope enroll and learn the date of her Expected End? The actual date of her biological death?

When Penelope’s fears unravel, reality becomes an illusion, and deeper and harsher questions must be asked. Stepping into that forbidden land of isolation, Penelope meets Marshall. A man who walks alone with his autism. So desperate to understand others, he bonds with only one, Penelope.

With the love and support of Marshall, can Penelope gain the strength to challenge and accept her future … no matter what it holds?

An Expected End challenges our religious beliefs as to why we are here and how we should walk the paths our lives. Amanda Sue asks a deep question, “should we know the date of our death?” And through this question, Amanda Sue explores how that knowledge can then end a life instead of enhancing it.

Available online for pre-order through Amazon and Barnes & Nobel after September 01, 2023.

ISBN 978-1-953278-45-6 Hard Back
ISBN 978-1-953278-46-3 Soft Back
ISBN 978-1-953278-47-0 E-Book

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