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Filmmaker With Cerebral Palsy Creates Public Service Announcements And Films That Help People With Their Lives

Filmmaker With Cerebral Palsy Creates Public Service Announcements And Films That Help People With Their Lives

Steven Berkani created his production logo from scratch

Steven Berkani hard at work

Steven with the cast and crew of his PSA called “Just One Text.”

Filmmaker with a disability tries to help others by writing and editing public service announcements and films that help people with their everyday lives.

I’ve faced and conquered challenges. I’ve been using my chin to edit videos on equipment that’s nearly a decade old. H”

— Steven Berkani

PORT ORANGE, FL, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Steven Berkani, a tenacious 32-year-old filmmaker, is making waves in the world of inclusive filmmaking despite facing the challenges of living with cerebral palsy. Confined to a wheelchair and without the use of his hands or legs, Steven’s positive attitude and unwavering determination have propelled him to master the art of video editing, a skill he self-taught from an early age.

His family, including Melissa Grooms, Chris Berkani, and his parents Karen and Julien Berkani, is thrilled to see Steven pursuing a passion that brings him immense joy and purpose. Despite the challenges he has faced, Steven’s commitment to filmmaking and technology has not only been a source of inspiration for those closest to him but has also fostered a sense of pride in his family.

Passionate about technology and filmmaking, Steven has dedicated his creative pursuits to producing public service announcements (PSAs) that tackle important societal issues. From addressing bullying to campaigning against texting while driving, he uses his unique perspective to create content that aims to educate and improve lives.

Steven Berkani in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Berkani Productions on YouTube

Having thrived with outdated equipment for nearly a decade, Steven now stands at a crucial juncture in his filmmaking journey. To continue delivering impactful messages and enhancing the quality of his work, he has initiated a GoFundMe campaign, seeking financial support for much-needed video editing equipment.

In his own words on the GoFundMe page, Steven shares, “Hello, I’m Steven Berkani, an aspiring filmmaker on a mission to create powerful videos that ignite change. I’m reaching out to you for your valuable support in acquiring essential editing equipment that will take my filmmaking to new heights.

Living with Cerebral Palsy, I’ve faced and conquered challenges. I’ve been using my chin to edit videos on equipment that’s nearly a decade old. However, in order to continue honing my craft and delivering high-quality content, I need a significant upgrade. The cost of new equipment is a challenge I face, and your contribution will directly help bridge this gap.

Your support will enable me to acquire modern editing tools, software, and necessary adaptations that will exponentially improve my video production capabilities. By standing with me, you’re enabling my creativity to flourish and empowering me to bring to life stories that matter.

The journey of inclusive filmmaking is one we can undertake together. Your generosity will not only help me overcome financial barriers but also allow me to continue producing impactful videos that drive social change. Thank you for being a part of this significant endeavor.”

Living with Cerebral Palsy, Steven has faced and conquered challenges, using his chin to edit videos on outdated equipment. To overcome financial barriers and elevate his craft, he seeks contributions that will directly fund modern editing tools, software, and necessary adaptations.

Your support will empower Steven to acquire the resources needed to enhance his video production capabilities, allowing his creativity to flourish. By standing with him, you’re enabling the production of impactful videos that drive social change.

Join Steven on his journey of inclusive filmmaking by contributing to his GoFundMe campaign. Your generosity will not only help him overcome obstacles but also pave the way for continued storytelling that matters.

To Contribute to Steven’s GoFundMe.

Steven Berkani’s address: 1162 buttermilk ln. Port Orange, FL, 32129

GoFundMe.org is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. EIN: 81-2279757.
8605 Santa Monica Blvd, #88639, West Hollywood, CA 90069

To date, Steven has raised $10,300 out of his $16,299 goal. He’s nearly reaching his goal of owning the video equipment that he needs in order to keep up his great work contributing to society with his wonderful PSAs!

About Smith Profits, a Robert J. Smith Productions Company:

Smith Profits has been produced game-changing marketing campaigns since the day its founder Robert J. Smith, began with and advertisement that produced dramatic results while at John Hancock in 1993. Smith Profits

Today, Smith is an award-winning writer and international bestselling author who has set worldwide production records for Fortune Global 500 companies as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Smith is a member of the Forbes Business Council. Featured Forbes Articles.

Robert J. Smith Productions is located in Winter Garden, Florida. The company’s core businesses include Advertising, Branding, and Content; Public Relations and Influence; Books and Comic Books That Sell Your Company’s Products and Services; Television, Commercials and Film. Robert J. Smith Productions

For more information, visit Robert J. Smith, and follow us on YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and IMDb.

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Florida filmmaker defies odds to make his art

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Smoke Signals Success: Sonny’s BBQ Leverages 2023 Insights to Fuel Growth in 2024

Smoke Signals Success: Sonny’s BBQ Leverages 2023 Insights to Fuel Growth in 2024

Focus on digital innovations, efficient operations and people-first culture are driving above industry sales, traffic for casual dining

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For more than 55 years, Sonny’s BBQ, the purpose-driven BBQ restaurant, has found the secret sauce to serving its customers and team members. The pillars include spreading kindness, BBQ expertise, quality ingredients and service and a deep understanding of the communities and guests they serve. The evolution of what this means has resulted in year-over-year growth and industry leadership that will serve the brand as it heads into 2024 with focused priorities and goals. Sonny’s BBQ Chief Operating Officer Billy Brewer and Chief Brand Officer Peter Frey share their key learnings from 2023 that have positioned the brand to remain top of its class through an enhanced guest experience, training and development for team members, strengthening foundational operations, and delivery on quality and value.

2023 Business Priorities Result in Strong Year-End
Sonny’s BBQ has made meaningful progress and remained competitive despite industry-wide struggles to drive in-store traffic since the pandemic. As guest preferences continue to shift towards more off-premise dining options, Sonny’s BBQ prioritized the delivery of an improved curbside experience through geo-location tracking and an enhanced online presentation, among other efforts.

“As we experienced in 2023, technological advancements are guaranteed to revolutionize the restaurant experience,” says Peter Frey, Sonny’s BBQ’s Chief Brand Officer. “We’ll continue to seek smart ways to integrate digital innovations to reduce operational friction, enhance ordering efficiency, personalize dining preferences, and elevate overall customer satisfaction.”

As always, Sonny’s BBQ has kept a laser focus on their guests, and has used the insight gained from their guests to drive decisions within the company. Specifically, Sonny’s BBQ has been following the changes in guest preferences that have stemmed from larger economic shifts. As the economy has influenced guest behavior and tendencies this past year, Sonny’s BBQ remained agile and flexible in their management and strategies. While quality remained the top priority, leadership honed in on value propositions that resonated with consumers and supported increased sales and store traffic.

“We have continued to be open to change and ready for challenges. Between staffing and continued supply chain volatility, we have to look for new ways to operate effectively,” explained Billy Brewer, Chief Operating Officer at Sonny’s BBQ. “Next year, we will work on simplifying and streamlining our current service model to help adapt to the changing staffing environment. We will continue to look for multiple sources for all products. We have learned over the last few years you must have plan b and c ready in regard to the supply chain.”

Looking Towards the Future
Leaders at Sonny’s BBQ anticipate the hospitality and restaurant industry to feel the growing pressures of similar challenges as 2023, though the brand is positioned to adapt and grow. Flexibility will drive Sonny’s BBQ’s strategy in 2024, as they continue to prioritize the evolution in their customer experience through  improving and implementing new technology while focusing on consistency in their food and service. One key objective of the next year will be the development of a Sonny’s BBQ mobile app, which will cater to off-premise dining preferences and enhance online ordering and pickup.

In an effort to streamline operations, Sonny’s BBQ will test a few different initiatives to make our service model more effective aimed at removing unnecessary steps and building in more checks and balances to ensure consistency and quality. As part of these efforts, Sonny’s BBQ is testing new store prototypes with a smaller footprint that are designed to more efficiently address off-premise dining preferences and staff operations. On top of that, there will be a heightened focus on leadership development and training within each restaurant’s community. This strategic priority aims to bring new opportunities to exceptional leaders including Pitmaster Academy, prospective franchising program, and effective technology implementation that increases knowledge, transparency and speed in communication.

“We’re focused on building a plan that excels in fundamental activities and strategies that are the foundation of our historical success,” says Peter Frey, Chief Brand Officer for Sonny’s BBQ. “Our priorities are to double down on providing outstanding service at every touchpoint and furthering our kindness initiatives in each local community that we serve.”

In 2024, Sonny’s BBQ will heighten their focus on hyper-local community activations, kindness initiatives and local marketing efforts that will allow the brand to connect more directly with its guests, team members, and neighbors. With the appointment of Tara Boyle as the new Chief Kindness Officer, Sonny’s BBQ will be expanding their kindness crew and introducing new initiatives meant specifically to build connection and education opportunities for youth in their communities.

Guests, fans, and team members of Sonny’s BBQ are top of mind heading into the next year, and can look forward to new service models, southern hospitality and impactful moments that will further improve their experience. For more, visit SonnysBBQ.com or follow along on Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok and YouTube. Franchise opportunities can be found at https://franchise.sonnysbbq.com/.

About Sonny’s BBQ
With nearly 100 locations spanning the southeast, Sonny’s BBQ® is one of the largest barbecue restaurant brands in the country. Its signature pulled pork, sweet tea, and unique appetizers have afforded the restaurant the title of “Best Barbecue Chain in America” by The Daily Meal. Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and his wife, Lucille, founded Sonny’s BBQ in 1968 in Gainesville, Fla. in hopes of creating a local BBQ joint for their community to enjoy. 55 years later, Sonny’s BBQ continues to do just that under the direction of CEO Jamie Yarmuth and local pitmasters spreading the spirit of BBQ in each of their communities through the Q the Kindness and Random Acts of BBQ initiatives. The brand gives back more than $1.2 million annually across the eight states it serves, and reaches tens of thousands of community members with its generosity. Sonny’s BBQ is a leader in the hospitality industry with its commitment to creating unique consumer experiences, ability and willingness to utilize cutting-edge technology, and network of successful franchisee relationships. For information and to find the Sonny’s BBQ location closest to you, please visit www.SonnysBBQ.com

Media Contact:
Shepard Rogers
[email protected]


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-Fast casual concept celebrates grand opening Dec. 5th with free chicken salad for a year-

ATLANTA, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chicken Salad Chick, the nation’s only fast casual chicken salad restaurant concept, announced today its newest opening in Norfolk, Virginia, which expands the brand’s presence to seven total locations in the state. Located at 1200 W 26th Street between Ghent and Old Dominion University, the Norfolk-Railyard Chick boasts a large outdoor patio for families and guests to enjoy. The community is invited to celebrate this grand opening on Tuesday, Dec. 5. The restaurant opens at 10:30 a.m., and the first 100 guests that morning will win free chicken salad for a year.

During grand opening week, Norfolk-Railyard guests can expect to experience the Southern hospitality that Chicken Salad Chick is known for with specials and giveaways that include:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 5 Free Chicken Salad for a Year to the first 100 Guests – The first guest in line will receive one large Quick Chick of chicken salad per week for an entire year. The next 99 guests in line receive one large Quick Chick of chicken salad per month for a year.* Guests should arrive early to secure a place in line.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6 – The first 50 guests to purchase a Chick Trio will receive a free Chick beach towel.**
  • Thursday, Dec. 7 – The first 50 guests to purchase a Chick Trio will receive a free Chicken Salad Chick collapsible cooler.**
  • Friday, Dec. 8 – The first 50 guests to purchase a Chick Trio will receive a free Chicken Salad Chick tumbler.**

The Norfolk-Railyard Chicken Salad Chick is owned and operated by experienced franchisees Melissa Holt and Chris Carnes who came together in this new partnership, Carmel Chick, LLC. Holt opened her first location in Hampton in 2021, and Carnes opened his first location in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 2022. They both believe whole-heartedly in the brand’s purpose to spread joy, enrich lives and serve others. The opening of the Norfolk-Railyard location is a testament to their commitment to the community and to bringing joy through delicious food to even more patrons in Virginia.

“It’s a privilege to spread the mission of Chicken Salad Chick here in Norfolk, and I feel truly grateful for the opportunity to bring the best chicken salad to even more people throughout Virginia. We’re excited to bring the delicious flavors that Chicken Salad Chick has become known for in Hampton to the other side of the water,” explained Melissa Holt, franchise owner of Chicken Salad Chick Norfolk-Railyard. “Our commitment to serving exceptional food with a side of Southern hospitality is at the heart of everything we do, and we look forward to creating memorable dining experiences for our new friends and neighbors in Norfolk.”

Chicken Salad Chick enjoys giving back to important causes throughout the year, raising funds to help cure cancer and supporting local food charities in its restaurant communities. With the latest opening in Norfolk-Railyard, the local team will be supporting With Intentional Kindness and Support (WINKS), a nonprofit, charitable organization with a mission to provide support for and enhance the quality of life of patients and caregivers of the brain tumor community. This organization was chosen by the general manager of the Norfolk location, who has a personal connection to the challenges of brain cancer within their family.

Chicken Salad Chick in Norfolk-Railyard will be open Monday – Saturday from 10:30 a.m.8:00 p.m. For more information, visit www.chickensaladchick.com. Follow Chicken Salad Chick on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and trends.

For more information on giveaways and specials, visit https://www.facebook.com/ChickenSaladChickNorfolkVARailyard. 

*Guests should arrive early to secure a place in line. The first 100 guests must remain in line and download the Craving Credits app. Wi-Fi will not be available on site. Once the restaurant opens, guests will make a purchase of “The Chick” or anything of greater value and enter a code in the Craving Credits app to officially secure their spot. If you leave the line for any reason, your spot will be awarded to the next guest in line. Guests will receive their first free Large Quick Chick electronically to their app the Monday following Grand Opening Day.
**Must download the CSC App and be 16 years or older to purchase. Not valid with any other offers. Limit 1 reward per guest present.

About Chicken Salad Chick
Chicken Salad Chick serves full-flavored, Southern-style chicken salad made from scratch and served from the heart. With more than a dozen original chicken salad flavors as well as fresh side salads, gourmet soups, signature sandwiches and delicious desserts, Chicken Salad Chick’s robust menu is a perfect fit for any guest. Founded in Auburn, Alabama, by Stacy and Kevin Brown, in 2008, Chicken Salad Chick has grown to more than 240 restaurants in 18 states. Today, under the leadership of Scott Deviney and the Chicken Salad Chick team, the brand is continuing its rapid expansion with both franchise and company locations. Chicken Salad Chick has received numerous accolades including rankings in the 2023 Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Franchise Times’ Fast & Serious for the third consecutive year, Fast Casual.com’s top Movers and Shakers from 2018 to 2023, QSR’s Best Franchise Deals in 2019, 2020 and 2022, and Franchise Business Review’s Top Food Franchises in 2020. See www.chickensaladchick.com for additional information. 

Isabella Bobillo
Fish Consulting
[email protected]

SOURCE Chicken Salad Chick

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/chicken-salad-chicks-southern-hospitality-expands-in-virginia-with-new-location-in-norfolk-302002390.html
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Chicken Salad Chick re-opens Tulsa’s Warren Place restaurant Dec. 6

Chicken Salad Chick re-opens Tulsa’s Warren Place restaurant Dec. 6

Fast-casual eatery to offer grand re-opening specials and giveaways

TULSA, Okla., Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chicken Salad Chick, the nation’s leading fast-casual chicken salad restaurant, announces the grand re-opening of its Warren Place location in Tulsa on Dec. 6. After a temporary closure, Chicken Salad Chick is delighted to bring flavor and excitement back to the community, delivering on its commitment to spreading joy, enriching lives and serving others. The Warren Place location at 4820 East 61st Street and South Yale Avenue will mark its grand re-opening on Dec. 6 at 9:30 a.m. with a ribbon-cutting event with the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. Doors open at 10 a.m. as District Manager Aaron Suntken, General Manager Victoria Clark and Tulsa team members invite the first 100 guests in attendance to receive free chicken salad for a year.

Aligning with the brand’s promise to give back to the communities it serves, Chicken Salad Chick will donate proceeds from its opening events to Food on the Move. Food on the Move is a Tulsa-based non-profit focused on ending food insecurity one community at a time through food distribution, educational programs, workforce development, health assessments and innovative solutions.

“We are eager to open our doors once again to the Tulsa community,” said Chicken Salad Chick CEO Scott Deviney. “Our team has poured their hearts into creating an inviting and comfortable gathering space for friends and family, and we look forward to reconnecting with our Tulsa neighbors as we embrace this new beginning.”

The Warren Place Chicken Salad Chick will be open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m.8 p.m., offering its signature, made-from-scratch chicken salad served from the heart, as well as fresh side salads, gourmet soups, signature sandwiches and delicious desserts. This location follows the successful grand re-opening of Chicken Salad Chick’s Broken Arrow location earlier this month. With plans to open an additional Tulsa area location in 2024, Chicken Salad Chick is enthusiastic about further expanding its footprint in Oklahoma.

To celebrate the Warren Place grand re-opening, the community is invited to experience Chicken Salad Chick’s Southern hospitality through additional giveaways:

  • Wednesday, Dec. 6 – Free Chicken Salad for a Year: Be one of the first 100 guests to purchase a Chick Meal at the Warren Place re-opening to win FREE chicken salad for a year!*
  • Thursday, Dec. 7– Free 17oz Chick Steel Water Bottle: Be one of the first 50 guests at 10 a.m. or 5 p.m. and receive a FREE Chicken Salad Chick Water Bottle!**
  • Friday, Dec. 8 – Free Chick Tote: Be one of the first 50 guests at 10 a.m. or 5 p.m. and receive a FREE Chicken Salad Chick Tote Bag!***
  • Saturday, Dec. 9 – Free 18-Can Collapsible Chick Cooler: Be one of the first 50 guests and receive a FREE Chicken Salad Cooler with the purchase of two large Quick Chicks!****

*The first 100 guests participating in the Free Chicken Salad for a Year on Grand Re-Opening Day will line up in a ‘first come, first counted’ order at Chicken Salad Chick. Guests are required to remain on site until the store opens at 10 a.m. An early arrival is recommended for those seeking to be among the first 100 guests in line. Beginning at approximately 8 a.m., each guest will be assigned a number by the Chicken Salad Chick team corresponding to their place in line. At 10 a.m., guests may make a purchase of a meal and enter a code on the Chicken Salad Chick app to officially secure their reward. Guests who leave before the 10 a.m. start will lose their spot to the next guest in line. Guests will receive their first free Large Quick Chick electronically in their Chicken Salad Chick App on Monday following Grand Re-Opening Day.

**Must be 16 Years or Older. Must purchase the Chick Trio. 1 Water Bottle per Guest Present.
***Must be 16 Years or Older. Must purchase the Chick Trio. One Tote Bag Per Guest Present.
****Must be 16 years or older. Must purchase two large Quick Chicks. One Cooler per Guest Present.

About Chicken Salad Chick

Chicken Salad Chick serves full-flavored, Southern-style chicken salad made from scratch and served from the heart. With more than a dozen original chicken salad flavors as well as fresh side salads, gourmet soups, signature sandwiches and delicious desserts, Chicken Salad Chick’s robust menu is a perfect fit for any guest. Founded in Auburn, Alabama, by Stacy and Kevin Brown, in 2008, Chicken Salad Chick has grown to more than 240+ restaurants in 18 states. Today, under the leadership of Scott Deviney and the Chicken Salad Chick team, the brand is continuing its rapid expansion with both franchise and company locations. Chicken Salad Chick has received numerous accolades including rankings in the 2023 Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Franchise Times’ Fast & Serious for the third consecutive year, Fast Casual.com’s top Movers and Shakers from 2018 to 2023, QSR’s Best Franchise Deals in 2019, 2020 and 2022, and Franchise Business Review’s Top Food Franchises in 2020. See www.chickensaladchick.com for additional information.

SOURCE Chicken Salad Chick

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/chicken-salad-chick-re-opens-tulsas-warren-place-restaurant-dec-6-302002245.html
Images courtesy of https://pixabay.com

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. vs Hedge Funds

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. vs Hedge Funds

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Survives Hedge Funds Onslaught

SHIBUYA, TOKYO, JAPAN, November 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Another year moving forward meme stock darling NYSE:AMC (AMCE Entertainment Holdings, Inc.) survives Covi-d 19 pandemic aftermath, bankruptcy, and a full range onslaught of negative narrative articles from supporter of Hedge Funds to suppress AMC stock. AMC CEO Adam Aron unorthodox introduction of APE stocks and a recent reverse stock split strategy to keep the theater chain opened worldwide was a success.

Based on available public information, NYSE:AMC stock has been suppressed with naked shorting, millions of FTD’s not closed, ETF swaps, and public negative narratives from news articles supporting Hedge Funds.

Now with the United States SEC intervening with a new upcoming rule on transparency to stop stock manipulation from naked shorting, AMC and many other public traded companies will have a fair playing field in the stock market not abused by dark pool and spoofing. Presently, South Korea and Thailand has now banned “short selling”. Many companies went bankrupt due to not able to raise equity caused by naked shorting.

Hedge Funds liquidity has dried up with many worldwide Banks closing doors. Recently, AMC the company improved their fundamentals from movies coming out and Taylor Swift in theaters globally.

Now with RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ in December, new movies and distribution plans, AMC future earnings looks positive going into 2024 and years to come. Bankruptcy is no longer in the cards as AMC thrives with a new outlook in fundamentals. AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. vs Hedge Funds, who will win? Based on fundamentals, retail investors including SEC sees a MOASS coming, while Hedge Funds scramble with liquidity issues. Proof is that several Hedge Funds have closed, and many will be bankrupt by Banks being over leveraged.

マフィップ looks forward in seeing Anime and Asian cultural movies in all AMC Theaters worldwide. Who knows maybe RED: Fate and Time Inseparable…A Promise could be seen in AMC Theaters. マフィップ and one of its future partners, Japan’s top powerhouse publication/entertainment company may discuss their titles distribution directly with AMC Entertainment Holding, Inc.? A proposal is in consideration and
マフィップ look to expand future titles and collaboration with Asia entertainment companies.

Additional joint Japan business venture updates will be made available in future global press release as details acceptable to マフィップ and its affiliates.

This article contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. These statements may differ materially from actual future events or results, specifically in the areas of future sales growth and profitability. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, some of which cannot be predicted or quantified. Future events and actual results could differ materially from those set forth in, contemplated by, or underlying the forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties to which forward-looking statements are subject include, but are not limited to, the effect of government regulation, competition and other material risks.

Stock recommendations / Ad and comments presented on mafip.org are solely those of the stock quotes, third parties’, and forum opinions. They do not represent the opinions of mafip.org on whether to buy, sell or hold shares of a particular stock. Investors should be cautious about any and all stock recommendations and should consider the source of any advice on stock selection. Various factors, including personal or corporate ownership, may influence or factor into a forum opinion. All investors are advised to conduct their own independent research into individual stocks before making a purchase decision. In addition, investors are advised that past stock performance is no guarantee of future price appreciation.

Mafip.org a private corporation holds no registered stock of the said affiliation.

About AMC Theatres Distribution

AMC Theatres Distribution is the distribution arm of AMC Entertainment, which is the largest theatrical exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe, and the largest in the world. RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCÉ will be distributed globally by AMC Theatres Distribution and its sub-distribution partners – Variance Films in the US, Cineplex in Canada, Cinepolis in Mexico and Central America, and Trafalgar Releasing outside of North America. Movie theaters wishing to play the film should visit https://intl.beyoncefilm.com
AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. https://www.amctheatres.com

マフィップ is a new emerging privately held international management organization engaging in blogs and co-producing upcoming Japanese franchise brand manga, anime, music, and live action film through translation of light novel series. This organization is here to entertain the audience worldwide as well partnering with innovative technologies, publication and entertainment companies. All other trademarks and music are the property of their respective owners. RED art, images, characters & stories are owned and copyrighted through RED ©2023 陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使. All Rights Reserved. https://www.mafip.org

アレックス C. チェン
email us here

RED: 運命と時間 切っても切れない… 約束 Faith vs Fate Light Novel Series


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Mastercard e McDonald’s se unem para fidelizar clientes

Mastercard e McDonald’s se unem para fidelizar clientes

A Arcos Dorados lançou o programa de recompensa Meu Méqui, disponível no aplicativo do McDonald’s graças à solução de programas de fidelidade da Mastercard

SÃO PAULO, 30 de novembro de 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A Arcos Dorados, master franqueadora do McDonald’s na América Latina e Caribe, e a Mastercard se unem para trazer ao público brasileiro o Meu Méqui, novo programa de fidelidade para que consumidores acumulem pontos e troquem por produtos selecionados da rede. A novidade, disponível no Brasil, é viabilizada pelas soluções de Loyalty da Mastercard, que possibilitam o engajamento completo com consumidores, com gestão de dados, execução de campanhas em tempo real e a definição de estratégias de recompensas.

O programa Meu Méqui está disponível no app do McDonald’s e vai ao encontro da estratégia de inovação da marca. “Apostamos na tecnologia e no digital para melhorar a experiência do cliente, por isso buscamos ferramentas cada vez mais modernas para benefício de cada um dos nossos consumidores. Contar com a expertise da Mastercard para oferecer uma ferramenta de pontos eficiente fortalece ainda mais nosso compromisso em entregar experiência e personalização”, explica Magdalena Gonzalez Victorica, Chief Technology Officer da Arcos Dorados.

Dados da Mastercard1 indicam que 68% dos consumidores preferem marcas com experiências digitais fáceis e convenientes e 80% buscam promoções personalizadas para suas necessidades. A solução de programas de fidelidade da Mastercard possibilita que a equipe do McDonald’s configure e realize campanhas específicas para cada tipo de pessoa e, desta forma, os clientes têm acesso a ofertas mais customizadas e relacionadas aos seus hábitos de consumo.

A solução ainda funciona de forma independente, com integração nativa às principais plataformas de CRM e facilidade de implementação em outros sistemas, como o próprio aplicativo do McDonald’s. Além de toda infraestrutura necessária para o projeto, o time de especialistas da Mastercard apoiou na implementação e integração da ferramenta e na criação de uma experiência sem atrito no uso do app.

“Ao longo dos últimos anos, a Mastercard aprimorou seus serviços de relacionamento com consumidor para oferecer soluções mais completas, reforçando nossa atuação com tecnologias que vão muito além do cartão. Para nós, desenvolver esse projeto inovador em parceria com a Arcos Dorados é uma honra e chancela a chegada dessa solução no Brasil, que os ajudará a construir o melhor programa de fidelidade do segmento”, afirma Marcelo Tangioni, Presidente da Mastercard Brasil.

Empresas de diversos setores utilizam a Mastercard para construir um ecossistema de fidelidade. Organizações podem criar programas exclusivos de relacionamento com sua audiência com os serviços da Mastercard, que vão desde consultoria estratégia e design do programa até a implementação e otimização garantindo engajamento do cliente, beneficiado com personalização e experiência fluida. 

Sobre a Arcos Dorados

A Arcos Dorados é a maior franquia independente do McDonald’s do mundo e a maior rede de serviço rápido de alimentação da América Latina e Caribe. A companhia conta com direitos exclusivos de possuir, operar e conceder franquias locais de restaurantes McDonald’s em 20 países e territórios dessas regiões. Atualmente, a rede possui mais de 2.300 restaurantes, entre unidades próprias e de seus franqueados, que juntos empregam mais de 95.000 funcionários (dados de 30/06/2023). A empresa também utiliza sua plataforma ESG, Receita do Futuro, para impactar positivamente as comunidades onde está presente. A Arcos Dorados está listada na Bolsa de Valores de Nova York (NYSE: ARCO). Para saber mais sobre a Companhia por favor visite o nosso site: www.arcosdorados.com

Sobre Mastercard (NYSE: MA)  

A Mastercard é uma empresa global de tecnologia do setor de pagamentos. Nossa missão é conectar e impulsionar uma economia digital inclusiva que beneficie a todos, em todos os lugares, tornando as transações seguras, simples, inteligentes e acessíveis. Usando dados e redes seguras, parcerias e paixão, as nossas inovações e soluções ajudam indivíduos, instituições financeiras, governos e empresas a alcançar seu maior potencial. Com conexões em mais de 210 países e territórios, estamos construindo um mundo sustentável que abre possibilidades Priceless para todos.

Contato com a imprensa

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Brinker International Appoints New President of Maggiano’s Little Italy

Brinker International Appoints New President of Maggiano’s Little Italy

Seasoned Food & Beverage Executive to join Brinker International as President and SVP

DALLAS, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brinker International, Inc. (NYSE: EAT) today announced the appointment of industry leader Dominique Bertolone to the position of President, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and SVP, Brinker International. In this role, he will lead and grow the beloved Maggiano’s brand and serve as a member of Brinker’s Executive Leadership Team.

Bertolone is a seasoned food and beverage executive with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Food & Beverage Strategy and Development at MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas, where he oversaw strategy development and execution around the company’s vast portfolio of restaurants, bars, lounges and nightlife venues.

Bertolone leads with a people-first approach and has a deep passion and understanding of employee culture and engagement, which he believes inspires success in the business and Guest experience.

“Dominique is the perfect leader to usher in the next wave of Maggiano’s growth,” said Kevin Hochman, Brinker International President and CEO. “His experience leading all types of foodservice concepts has direct application to accelerating the three Maggiano’s channels of dine-in, off premise and banquets, as well as developing the next generation of Maggiano’s restaurants. He also has an impressive track record of leading employee engagement, developing one-of-a-kind Guest experiences, achieving operational excellence, and elevating brands.”

Bertolone is originally from Monaco and speaks fluent Italian, French and English.

“The opportunity to helm the Maggiano’s brand is an honor, and I can’t wait to continue building on its incredible growth and potential,” Bertolone said. “This role will allow me to blend my passions for amazing people, team culture, food, drinks, and Guest service standards – all rooted in my own Italian roots. I’ve heard incredible things about the Brinker team and culture and look forward to joining the team.”

Bertolone also previously served as MGM Resorts Vice President of Food and Beverage Development. Before moving into corporate leadership, he worked at Bellagio Resort & Casino for 15 years, during which he became a respected thought leader and expert on restaurant operations and service standards. He served as the property’s Director of Service, Executive Director of Food and Beverage, and Vice President of Food and Beverage. Before moving to Las Vegas and beginning his 20+ year career with MGM Resorts, he worked at the SBM Hospitality Group in Monaco, where he assumed different roles in several palaces and resorts such as Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo Beach, Monte Carlo Golf Club and Palais Princier de Monaco.

About Brinker
Brinker International, Inc. is one of the world’s leading casual dining restaurant companies and home of Chili’s® Grill & Bar, Maggiano’s Little Italy® and a virtual brand: It’s Just Wings®. Founded in 1975 in Dallas, Texas, we’ve ventured far from home, but stayed true to our roots. Brinker owns, operates or franchises more than 1,600 restaurants in 30 countries and two U.S. territories. Our passion is making people feel special, and we hope you feel that passion each time you visit one of our restaurants or invite us into your home through takeout or delivery. Learn more about Brinker and its brands at brinker.com.

About Maggiano’s Little Italy
Maggiano’s Little Italy specializes in Italian-American cuisine served in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Maggiano’s menu features both classic and contemporary recipes – authentic pastas, signature salads, steaks, fresh seafood, regular chef specials and specialty desserts. Maggiano’s 52 restaurants nationwide offer lunch and dinner as well as delivery, carryout services and banquet spaces for special occasions. Follow news about Maggiano’s on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and Pinterest. For additional information, including the restaurant nearest you, please visit maggianos.com.

SOURCE Maggiano’s Little Italy

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Better-for-you restaurant brings fresh seasonal flavors to the menu

DENVER, Dec. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Modern Market Eatery, the Colorado-based fast casual concept specializing in scratch-made foods using clean ingredients, introduces its winter menu at all locations.

Inspired by seasonal fresh ingredients such as butternut squash, cranberries and beets, the new offerings include:

    • Bacon Jam Club: Herb-marinated roasted chicken, nitrite-free bacon, Tender Belly bacon jam aioli and kale jalapeno slaw on multigrain bread. $13.45
    • BBQ Beef Sandwich: Chipotle BBQ braised beef, Cholula cabbage slaw, provolone and smoked crema on ciabatta bread. $13.95
    • Garlic Mushroom Pizza: Roasted cremini mushrooms, red onion, kale, whole milk mozzarella, provolone and balsamic glaze with a roasted garlic white sauce. $12.95
    • Verde Bowl: Lemongrass Brussels sprouts, organic rice and quinoa with mixed greens, marinated kale, pickled red onion, cucumber, spicy roasted broccoli and avocado apple cider vinaigrette. $10.95
    • Southwest BBQ Beef Bowl: Chipotle BBQ braised beef, organic rice and quinoa with black beans, roasted corn salsa, watermelon radish, smoked crema, pepitas and cilantro. $14.95
    • Jerk Tuna Salad: Line-caught ahi tuna, roasted bell pepper, cucumber, mango salsa, toasted coconut, cilantro and avocado on a bed of mixed greens topped with creamy jerk dressing. $14.95
    • Urban Farmer Salad: Mixed greens topped with goat cheese, roasted butternut squash, red beets, dried cranberries, toasted pepitas, blueberries and creamy maple mustard. $10.95
    • Blueberry Nutella Waffle: Belgian dessert waffle topped with fresh blueberries, blueberry chia jam, Nutella and powdered sugar. $5.95

“Our team is always looking for new flavor pairings our guests will enjoy, and as we enter chillier months across the country, these hearty meals promise warmth and comfort,” said Modern Market Eatery Vice President of Culinary Nate Weir. “With limitless customization options and most new items available in half-sizes, our guests can indulge in the essence of the season that fits their food lifestyle.”

Modern Market Eatery continues to distinguish itself in the better-for-you, fast casual category by constantly implementing a unique approach to its menu. Each scratch-made dish allows guests to enjoy a diverse and customizable experience for any lifestyle without artificial flavors or coloring, trans fats, hormones, antibiotics or funky additives.

Modern Market Eatery is currently expanding to make healthy food more accessible throughout the country. For information on franchising opportunities, visit www.modernmarket.com/franchise

About Modern Market Eatery
Faster food can be better food. That idea led to the creation of Modern Market Eatery in Boulder, Colorado, in 2009. The brand is on a mission to nurture happiness from the inside out by making it easy to eat clean, nourishing and delicious food.

Fresh salads, grain and protein bowls, toasted sandwiches, and brick oven pizzas rule the menu, along with specialty soups, handmade lemonades and decadent desserts. With nearly 30 locations across Colorado, Texas and Arizona, as well as Denver International Airport and the University of Notre Dame campus, Modern Market Eatery is growing quickly. For additional information about Modern Market, please visit modernmarket.com. 

About Modern Restaurant Concepts
Modern Restaurant Concepts is one of the largest fast casual restaurant platforms in North America, with nearly 800 units across two brands, QDOBA and Modern Market Eatery. The system operates corporate-owned and franchised units across nearly every U.S. state as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. 

Media Contact:
Danielle Bramley SPM Communications
[email protected]

SOURCE Modern Market Eatery

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Rifelion Announces First Feature Film ‘Ramadan America’

Rifelion Announces First Feature Film ‘Ramadan America’

Muslim Film Creatives Unite for Unprecedented Production

With the state of the world right now, something artistic and beautiful from Muslim creatives could serve as a beacon”

— Asad Butt

PORTLAND, OR, USA, November 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Rifelion Media has greenlit production on Ramadan America, a first-of-its-kind short film anthology written by, directed by, and starring American Muslims. The anthology is the debut film project by the award-winning podcasting and media company.

The feature-length Ramadan American comprises five narrative short films written by American Muslim writers, featuring Ramadan and Eid holiday stories. Filming began in late October and takes place in New York City and Los Angeles. The film will premiere in its entirety in March 2024 to coincide with Ramadan.

Rifelion has attached five notable American Muslim directors to the anthology: Jumai Yusuf (Wildflower, Pearl Rain), Huriyyah Muhammad (Chocolate With Sprinkles, Wonders), Amy Omar (Ayşegül on Tuesdays, Breaking Fast with a Coca-Cola), Kashif Pasta (Desi Standard Time Travel, Welcome to Surrey), and Ijaaz Noohu (Start Breaking My Heart).

Asad Butt, CEO of Rifelion, and Valerie Steinberg serve as Executive Producers. Producers for the projects include Thomas Bond (Fishmonger, Bite Size Halloween), Sara Seligman (The Mindy Project, Diego), Pinar Binay, Emily McCann Lesser (Farewell Amor, Materna) and Yuki Maekawa-Ledbetter (The Black Disquisition, Alieu the Dreamer). Shahjehan Khan, Charlie Golestani, and Mark Annotto are co-producers.

“With the state of the world right now, something artistic and beautiful from Muslim creatives could serve as a beacon,” said Butt. “People are searching for a reason to hate, instead of recognizing our similarities and appreciating our differences. This production celebrates the spectrum of American Muslim culture and how, at the end of the day, we’re all just people.”

Rifelion acquired the scripts as part of a writing competition it conducted in conjunction with Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF). The five scripts were selected from over 50 submissions from American Muslim writers.

Casting is currently being conducted by MA Casting.

For more information visit www.ramadanamerica.com.

Charlie Golestani
+1 503-389-5835
email us here

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Growing Number of Grads Honored at Austin, Boulder and Virtual Commencement Ceremonies

CHICAGO, Nov. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts celebrated 3,575 graduates recently, for completing online or campus-based culinary degree and diploma  programs. Graduates ranged in age from 18-73 and included students from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, China, Nigeria, and Trinidad. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts is the largest culinary school brand in the U.S. (based on comparable student population data currently reported in IPEDS).

Escoffier held graduation ceremonies virtually and in Boulder and Austin to accommodate graduates, guests and families. Keynote speaker Emily Williams Knight, Ed.D. President and CEO of the Texas Restaurant Association and Foundation, and Michel Escoffier, great-grandson of Auguste Escoffier, shared motivational words of wisdom and congratulated students on their culinary milestone.

“It’s our privilege to celebrate the hard work and achievements of this next generation of culinary talent,” said Jack Larson, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Chief Executive Officer. “It’s exciting to see how they are applying their foundational skills, training and front-and-back-of-the-house knowledge to make an immediate impact at Michelin-starred restaurants, alongside James Beard Award-winning chefs, in hotels and resorts or their own businesses,” added Larson.

Escoffier students graduated with associate degrees in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, Plant-Based Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Restaurant Operations Management, Food and Beverage Operations and Holistic Nutrition and Wellness. In addition to degree programs, student graduates earned diplomas in Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Professional Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts and Operations, Plant-Based Cuisine, Plant-Based Culinary Arts and Holistic Nutrition and Wellness.

Dr. Emily Williams Knight shared personal stories of perseverance and imparted the importance of building networks, saying “thank you” and setting goals with the new graduates. Michel Escoffier, great-grandson of Auguste Escoffier, sent graduates a special message praising them for their accomplishments and for continuing his great-grandfather’s legacy of innovation and training the next generation of chefs.

Kirk T. Bachmann, Escoffier’s Boulder campus president and provost, served as emcee for the institution’s Boulder campus and virtual ceremonies, congratulated students and encouraged them to use their knowledge and celebrate achievements. Escoffier’s Austin campus president, Marcus McMellon commended students for their tenacity and determination at the Austin graduation ceremony.

More about Escoffier
Escoffier’s Boulder, CO campus is the only accredited institution in the United States to offer both fully online diploma and degree programs with culinary classes and hands-on industry externships. Ranked in the top 10 culinary schools in the United States by USA Today and number one in the world by Chef’s Pencil, the school’s professional programs offer the proven combination of a classic and contemporary approach to industry skills training as well as sustainability-centered and business-focused curriculum. Escoffier is a Great Place to Work-Certified institution, a Newsweek Top Online Learning School and its Boulder (includes online programs) and Austin campuses are designated as Military Friendly® Schools.

Escoffier offers diploma programs for culinary arts, pastry arts, food entrepreneurship and plant-based culinary arts as well as Associate of Applied Science degrees in culinary arts, pastry arts and Associate of Occupational Studies degrees in culinary arts, baking and pastry, plant-based culinary arts, hospitality and restaurant operations management, holistic nutrition and wellness and food entrepreneurship. Click for more information on Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts accreditations and degree and diploma programs.

Media contact: Patti Thomas, [email protected] 

SOURCE Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

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