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Polestar Pictures Begins Screen-Testing for Vampire Penance

Polestar Pictures Begins Screen-Testing for Vampire Penance

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Polestar Pictures Begins Screen-Testing for Vampire Penance in January in Sharon, Pennsylvania Set Location

We’re bringing in Joe Sabatino to be on set during these screen tests to meet the invited actors and local media. Joe’s portfolio includes roles in films and TV shows like Batman, Blue Bloods and CSI.”

— John Reign, Director

SHARPSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Polestar Pictures announced that it would begin screen-testing actors in January in various set locations in the Sharon, Pennsylvania, area. The company also plans to fly in some lead cast members from Southern California to be on set during the screen-testing. “We’re bringing in Joe Sabatino to be on set during these screen tests to meet the invited actors and local media,” said John Reign, Polestar’s award-winning Director of the Vampire Penance trilogy. Reign further added, “Joe Sabatino’s portfolio includes roles in award-winning films and TV shows like Batman, Blue Bloods, CSI, and Vegas.”

Other lead cast members besides Joe Sabatino include Bishop Stevens as “Roman Roberts,” Mike Ferguson as “Duke Martin,” Debra Lamb (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0482941/) as “Shotgun,” and Laura Van Yck (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9810139/) as “Ivory.” The company said it would announce the other actors that will be on set for this initial screen test next week.

The company said it will invite local media and businesses to attend and meet the stars. “This is a prelude to our opening up of our sets to let couples, families, and corporate teams observe the filmmaking process,” commented Mark Weis, one of the Executive Producers who will be present for the event. “We plan to allow local media and businesses to view the filming process, just like we intend to do when the actual filming starts in the spring,” Mr. Weis added.

The company also said that it has reserved six other roles in the film for its “Get Discovered” contest, which is already in process. It mentioned that it has nearly 400 audition candidates for those six roles. Beginning in February, movie-going fans can vote on their favorite candidates for these six roles. There are two roles for child vampires, two roles for adult vampires, and two supporting roles. For more information on the “Get Discovered” contest, the company recommends visiting their contest audition page at https://www.vampirepenance.com/audition-contest.

“We also have a Family Adventure raffle at our Indiegogo pre-launch page,” added Joe DiDonato, the other Executive Producer for the trilogy. “The winner of that raffle can choose to take their family behind-the-scenes like we’re doing with local media and invited businesses, or elect to be in the first film of the trilogy, ‘Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf,” he went on to say. Interested parties can go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/–2806754/coming_soon/x/29090579 to sign up for the raffle.

About The Vampire Penance Trilogy

Vampire Penance Concept Reel: https://vimeo.com/895606004

“Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf” opens with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and jumps to 1985 Sharon, PA, USA.

A 10-year-old girl wakes to a nightmare, her room invaded by unseen forces. Meanwhile, Killian, a Scottish vampire hunter, searches for vampire havens. He meets Ivory, a captivating vampire, in a bar that soon turns into a vampire slaughterhouse.

Killian’s confrontation leads to the bar’s destruction. Under Nile, an ancient vampire’s descendant, the surviving vampires plot human dominion.

Tormented by his past, John Wolf meets Ivory, entering a world where reality and the supernatural merge, uncovering dark secrets.

Talent Notes: This is for “Copy, Credit, Meals, Lodging.” There will also be a “set-aside” from the film’s proceeds for cast and crew.

The final actor selection will be based on community voting. Individuals and children submitting must sign consent forms in the audition package.

About Polestar Pictures

Polestar Pictures stands at the forefront of cinematic innovation, blending compelling storytelling with immersive audience experiences. With a commitment to excellence and led by award-winning film director John Reign and industry veterans like Joe DiDonato, Mark Weis, and consultant Joe Sabatino, Polestar Pictures is dedicated to creating not just films but cultural phenomena. The upcoming vampire trilogy is a testament to their vision and creativity, promising to be a landmark series in the genre. For more information, visit www.PolestarPictures.com.

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Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf

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