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POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance Show Wins Telly Award for Children’s Entertainment

POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance Show Wins Telly Award for Children’s Entertainment

Cast Photography by Craig Ambrosio

A Virtual Show Produced to Entertain Service Members & Their Families Overseas During the Crisis In The Middle East

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In collaboration with the US governments Armed Forces Entertainment, Broadway producer, director and POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance brand founder Neil Goldberg continues presenting his live and virtual POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance theatrical shows and award-winning book series to US service members and their families throughout the world.

POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance received its 8th Telly award for entertaining children online with a virtual holiday show filmed at the company’s South Florida Dream Studios production headquarters during rehearsals of its live holiday stage show spectacular.

The online special was broadcast to US military families abroad during the crisis in the Middle East when providing top-tier live entertainment and children’s edutainment at US military bases overseas was challenging.

POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance is a distinct family brand centered around three best friends, Pomp, Snow and Cirqueumstance, who work to spread the power of creativity and imagination while embracing diversity and teaching valuable lessons in humility, service to others, and making positive choices. Pomp learns music, Snow masters magic and Cirqueumstance studies circus at a secret university where together they embark on missions to use their individualistic skills spreading joy and excitement for Christmas and other global holidays such as Ramadan, Diwali, Passover, Mardi Gras and more.

Since 2021, the 9-time award-winning POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance book series has been adapted into virtual and live stage shows, tours and holiday television specials. The company toured and entertained over 100,000 service members and their families, and provided books for children on military bases around the world. The book series has been inducted into USO’s Bob Hope Legacy Reading Program & Libraries and available wherever books are sold.

In 2023, the first ticketed POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance live show and immersive experience premiered in South Florida to critical acclaim over 8 days and was attended by 35,000 people. The show has been featured on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends and media outlets worldwide.

At the recent 2024 Global Licensing Expo, the POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance brand captured the imaginations of thousands of business leaders with its product line and is now expanding into licensing collaborations throughout the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East with new and unique entertainment, animation, TV, books, retail, food, toys and design content.

This season’s 45th annual Telly Awards honored work that embraced new storytelling formats, creativity and innovation in video and television across all screens on six continents. POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance was amongst other winners PBS, National Geographic, MTV Entertainment Studios, Fox News Media, ESPN, PlayStation Studios, Sesame Workshop, Paramount Pictures, Telemundo, Paris Hilton, Drake, Lily Gladstone, Barbie, Jeremy Allen White, RuPaul, Ludacris and more.

Future POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance brand collaborations, live shows, tours and show residencies are to be announced.

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