Better Earth Debuts BPI-Certified Compostable, Touch-Free, CPLA Cutlery & Dispenser

ATLANTA, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Better Earth, a leader in certified compostable foodservice packaging solutions, has released its Touch-Free Arrow Cutlery Dispenser and Better Earth Arrow Cutlery Collection. This innovative dispenser is designed for convenience and pairs seamlessly with their new BPI-certified compostable CPLA cutlery, ensuring a clean and sustainable dining experience.

The key to this innovation is Better Earth’s use of BPI-certified compostable CPLA cutlery that meets the ASTM D-6400 standards for compostability. This new cutlery is the first on the market to comply with BPI’s labeling standards for commercial compostability. The dispenser is ideal for businesses committed to sustainability, aligning seamlessly within zero-waste programs and supporting compliance with single-use plastic bans.

The Touch-Free Arrow Cutlery Dispenser is the most thorough solution aiming to enhance operational efficiency and promote environmental responsibility within a variety of dining establishments. The dispenser’s handle-first delivery ensures that customers only contact the cutlery they use, significantly reducing contamination risks. It also releases each piece of cutlery in pristine condition, meeting the highest standards of hygiene and customer safety.

The dispenser features a versatile and customizable design, allowing forks, knives, and spoons to be dispensed either separately or together, depending on the needs of the business. This user-friendly system is incredibly easy to refill with simple, step-by-step instructions provided directly on the compostable cutlery bags. The compact, labor-saving solution holds up to 300 units of cutlery, minimizing the frequency refilling while promoting responsible consumption.

“Better Earth is proud to set a new standard in the industry with our BPI-certified compostable products,” said Better Earth CEO Joseph Bild. “We are dedicated to providing solutions that exceed our commitment to sustainability, operational excellence, and reduce thousands of pounds of plastic waste from entering landfills every year.”

The Better Earth Touch-Free Arrow Cutlery and Dispenser are now available for fast-casual restaurants, cafeterias, food courts, and any food service business looking to enhance sustainability and hygiene. In addition to the brand new cutlery and dispenser, check out Better Earth’s other innovative designs and expanded product lines that are BPI-certified, PFAS-free, and made from rapidly renewable plant-based materials at Booth 1143 at McCormick Place in Chicago at the National Restaurant Association Show from May 18-22, 2024. 

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About Better Earth
Better Earth is a leader in sustainable food service packaging solutions. We offer a full range of commercially compostable products, including plates, bowls, trays, containers, cutlery, cups, and lids. Our product line is made entirely from sustainable materials such as bamboo, sugarcane, FSC Certified paper, and bio-based resins, making them a viable alternative to traditional plastics and virgin wood fiber packaging. Better Earth’s products meet ASTM and EN standards for compostability. We are committed to helping customers meet their sustainability goals and strengthening the circular economy by leading sustainability initiatives across the value chain.

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