The newly minted entity has provided the groundwork for globally recognized brands to simplify license renewals and employee training fast becoming one of the industry’s most trusted sources

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sam Block, Founder of Copliancy, announced today the remarkable first-year success of the web-based platform, crafted as an all-in-one resource designed to streamline records management and regulatory compliance. Copliancy works with many established and notable brands including popular entities such as Sweetgreen, BJ’s Brewhouse, Tender Greens, Tocaya, Cooper’s Hawk and Landry’s; and over the initial first year of inception has managed thousands of restaurant locations through the platform. Under Block’s leadership the totality of certificates, permits and licenses housed and organized by Copliancy has rapidly blossomed to over tens of thousands and has fast become the trusted partner for five of the 2022 ‘Top 30 Restaurant Brands’ as recognized by National Restaurant News.

Copliancy was founded by Sam Block, a second-generation hospitality entrepreneur, to help restaurants successfully manage difficult regulatory needs, providing risk management to all requisite permits and licenses required to maintain operations. Built on groundbreaking technology allowing unmatched flexibility and scale, Copliancy represents a revolutionary model that continues to inform and evolve restaurant industry needs. Launched in 2022, the platform was beta tested by industry stalwarts including BJ’s Brewhouse to standardize a best-in-class performance and has already adopted a more efficient user interface to effortlessly monitor and manage the needs of many of hospitality’s leading brands. Optimized for businesses such as restaurants, markets, liquor stores, movie theaters, gas stations, and pharmacies, the platform has proven it the hospitality industry’s hidden secret weapon. “We’re dedicated to providing solutions that are designed to empower and support our clients in staying compliant,” said Sam Block Founder of Copliancy. “Through streamlined and efficient processes, we strive to provide the tools to easily view, track and update any organization’s health, ensuring it thrives in a compliant and sustainable manner.”

A simplified overview of a company’s compliance, Copliancy provides users expedited access to the most principal data they need. Compliance employees are provided immediate access to overdue and upcoming license renewals while members of development teams can view upcoming deadlines and tasks for their sites in due diligence including inspections, contracts, violations, deadlines and more. Integrated into existing HR and scheduling software allows Copliancy accuracy across all sectors of employment from manager registrations to customized training by job title. And leveraging a depository of useful law users and site managers, Copliancy ensures any hospitality brand, from small single-location owners to the globe’s largest recognized food brands, are operating legally. At its core, the mission of Copliancy is to provide the most intuitive license renewal platform, creating a future-thinking ecosystem that can support all compliance needs in one first-in-class destination.

With the propulsion of Copliancy, Block continues to establish his position as a leader in the encompassing restaurant licensing landscape with an unwavering dedication to revolutionizing the industry at-large. Operations for the company are located in Los Angeles and continue to grow exponentially as additional renowned brands adopt the platform to meet their ever-expanding needs. As the company enters its second year the platform will continue leveraging a portfolio of relationships with hospitality business specialists to answer the industry’s most confounding legal challenges with aspirations to expand globally.

“Copliancy has already proven itself a leader of the restaurant compliance industry,” says Block. “As the platform continues to grow, we will further establish the brands’ capabilities while ensuring our clients are provided unparalleled access to keep their businesses efficient and strong. We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to craft a vision for the future of licensing and all its promises.”

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