Richard Sandoval Hospitality and KOPU Water Announce Their Partnership, Demonstrating True Leadership in Building a More Sustainable Future for Hospitality

MIAMI, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KOPU Water, a domestic, mission-driven bottled water brand and stewardship solution for restaurants and hotels, and Richard Sandoval Hospitality, a renowned global restaurant group, are thrilled to announce their partnership based on a shared belief that guests should enjoy the best tasting, healthiest spring water in the region where they live or are visiting, and served in a manner that harmonizes with the planet and local communities.

KOPU spring & sparkling bottled water has an award-winning taste, sleek and elegant aluminum bottles and is connected with an industry-first stewardship program that picks up all empty bottles as well as other aluminum cans and ensures recycling.

Richard Sandoval is the world’s most prolific Mexican chef and restaurateur with 60+ restaurants worldwide and is an ardent advocate for doing the right thing for his guests, team members, local communities and the planet. KOPU will be served at US locations and empty bottles will be picked up weekly and recycled.

Richard Sandoval said, “With KOPU Water’s supply chain, we are eliminating heavy glass bottles that once traveled globally and ended up in landfills. We’re committed to positively impacting local communities, making this a perfect match.”

By partnering with KOPU, Richard Sandoval Hospitality will eliminate significant quantities of glass bottle landfill waste and instead complete aluminum circularity for a zero waste bottled water program. On average 60 days after this aluminum material is picked up by the KOPU Aluminum Stewardship program, the metal will be reformed into thousands of uses and reemerge as another beverage bottle, can, electric car chassis of another product.

Justin Mahy, Founder and CEO of KOPU Water said, “Richard Sandoval is a champion of innovation and we are proud to work with him as his organization both fosters fresh ideas and also protects cultures, heritage and the Earth. KOPU was founded on these values.”

This partnership commenced with an intimate dinner and conversation, in collaboration with the prestigious James Beard Foundation, on the topic of sustainability and critical pathways for the future of the hospitality industry. The CEO of the James Beard Foundation, Clare Reichenbach, attended the event and detailed key sustainability values, alongside Chef Richard Sandoval, who highlighted aligned initiatives that are essential to the values of his fast growing restaurant group.

With a goal of eliminating 100 tons of landfill waste annually Richard Sandoval Hospitality and KOPU Water will grow their symbiotic partnership and demonstrate true leadership as hospitality builds a more sustainable future.

About Richard Sandoval HospitalityRichard Sandoval Hospitality is a leading restaurant group founded by Mexican-born chef, restaurateur, television personality and philanthropist Richard Sandoval. Known for offering guests an unparalleled culinary experience, this internationally recognized contemporary Latin restaurant group successfully owns and operates over 60 restaurant concepts around the globe. US restaurant locations span 10 states and the District of Columbia – as well as internationally in 10 countries including Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, Qatar, Serbia, St Kitts, Turkey and the UAE. For a complete list of restaurants and more information, please visit

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About KOPU Water: KOPU Water is the modern American, quality-driven bottled water brand, sourced from natural springs, and packaged in sleek aluminum bottles that are recycled through an industry-first stewardship solution. For more information, please visit

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