Home Restaurants Solstice Savory Pies: Where Gourmet Ingredients Meet Culinary Craftsmanship in Small-Batch Pot Pies

Solstice Savory Pies: Where Gourmet Ingredients Meet Culinary Craftsmanship in Small-Batch Pot Pies

Solstice Savory Pies: Where Gourmet Ingredients Meet Culinary Craftsmanship in Small-Batch Pot Pies

Introducing Solstice Savory Pies: Gourmet Craftsmanship Now Shipping Nationwide

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This October, the culinary landscape welcomes a fresh entrant: Solstice Savory Pies. This gourmet, small-batch, bake-at-home pie company is set to introduce a unique blend of European-inspired flavors crafted right here in the U.S.A. Their delectable range features pies made with organic chicken, grass-fed beef, nitrate-free sustainably raised pork, enveloped in all-butter puff pastry. Sourcing their organic vegetables from the renowned Deep Root Organic Co-op, Solstice Savory Pies is committed to delivering the finest, fresh ingredients to pie enthusiasts across the nation via e-commerce at solsticesavorypies.com.

Solstice Savory Pies marks the triumphant return of Marnie Coots, the co-founder of the famed Z Pie Company. After stepping away in 2012 to dedicate time to her son Zak, a decade later, Coots re-emerges with an innovative brand and business approach. Solstice offers ethically-raised meat and vegetarian savory pies, boasting organically sourced ingredients from small farmers, available for subscription or individual purchase at solsticesavorypies.com. This culinary venture sees Coots collaborating closely with her husband, Patrick Cavender, and a key equity partner.

Solstice Savory Pies unveils an exquisite collection of four gourmet recipes, each a testament to Marnie’s culinary inspirations from her journeys through Italy and France. The lineup includes the flavorful Provençale Chicken, the hearty Tuscan Italian Sausage, the robust Napa Steak, and the indulgent Porcini Portobello Truffle Risotto.

When creating the pies Solstice Savory Pies masterfully employs traditional French baking techniques, crafting their pies with authentic pâte feuilletée and pâte brisée pastries. The top layer, pâte feuilletée, is a meticulously crafted flaky pastry, resulting from a rigorous process of interleaving butter into the dough, producing hundreds of delicate layers that elevate during baking. Complementing this is the pâte brisée, a dense, classic French base often found in tarts, quiches, and savory delights. Made only with unbleached flour, real butter and salt.

“Solstice embodies a profound dedication to crafting gourmet savory pot pies that satisfy both the palate and the soul,” expressed Coots. “Our unwavering standards and guiding principles reflect our ethos and commitment to excellence in every bite.”

Solstice Savory Pies stands firm on core principles that reflect its commitment to the community and environment. These encompass eco-conscious packaging solutions, unwavering transparency in sourcing and production, and a deep appreciation for the culinary craftsmanship in every product. Beyond the kitchen, Solstice champions community engagement, nurturing enduring ties with customers, suppliers, partners, and supporting local endeavors.

Starting October 19th, pie enthusiasts across the nation can place their orders for Solstice Savory Pies exclusively at solsticesavorypies.com. Initially, the company is rolling out one-time shipments for orders of 6 pies or more. Come November, they will also introduce a subscription program for those looking to relish their gourmet offerings on a regular basis. Go online and order now at solsticesavorypies.com

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