Home Restaurants The “2023 China Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival” Came to a Successful Conclusion

The “2023 China Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival” Came to a Successful Conclusion

The “2023 China Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival” Came to a Successful Conclusion

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On August 7, the 7-day “2023 China Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival” came to a successful conclusion. A total of 5 “National Theme Days” were held at the event, the “Consul General’s Recommended Restaurants” list, the theme promotional video “A Spoonful of Chengdu, A Bite of the World”, and 6 “Consul General’s Treasured Cuisines” videos were released. It attracted nearly one million participants from home and abroad through online live-streaming interactions and offline experiential exhibitions, and gourmet food tastings. This event is co-organized by GoChengdu.

The theme of the event was “Enjoy Gourmet Delights, Embrace the World in Chengdu“. The Foreign Affairs Office of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, in collaboration with consulates and economic and trade representative agencies of Malaysia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Israel, etc., showcased authentic cuisines from various countries and promoted cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between Chengdu and the international community.

On July 31, the promotional video for the 2023 Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival, “A Spoonful of Chengdu, A Bite of the World” was launched online. It opened the door to connecting Chengdu to the world through a “food spoon”, kicking off the event. The “2023 Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival Consul General’s Recommended Restaurants” list was released simultaneously and was enthusiastically sought after by food enthusiasts.

In this event, the National Theme Day event used food as a bridge, attracting nearly 10,000 Chengdu residents and visitors to check in. The Malaysian National Theme Day event took the lead with guests indulging in ice cream, durian ice mooncakes, and frozen durian, savoring a refreshing summer; at the Canadian National Theme Day event, the guests learned more about Canada’s green and healthy “food values”, and also danced to “Zumba” with a fitness coach to start a dopamine-filled summer; at the Korean National Theme Day event, the guests experienced on-the-spot Korean kimchi making, immersing themselves in Korean culture; at the Japanese national theme day event, the guests watched the beautiful scenery of Japanese floral art and enjoyed authentic Japanese food in the food experience zone; at Israel’s national theme day event, professional wine instructors shared delightful wines from the Holy Land, with guests thoroughly enjoying the tasting.

It is reported that since 2019, the “Chengdu Panda International Gourmet Festival” has been successfully held in Chengdu consecutively. The principles of the event was “Meeting Friends with Food, Appreciating Every Beauty, and Sharing All Beautiful Things Together”, and featured international, cultural, and popular attributes. It had a positive feedback from foreign institutions residing in Chengdu and local residents. It became a special brand event and a new cultural business card for Chengdu to build a world-renowned cultural city.

According to statistics, the event’s domestic and international promotions covered more than 10 million visitors, further promoted the construction of Chengdu as an international consumer center, expanded the popularity, coverage and reputation of Chengdu as the “Capital of World Gourmet.”, and enhanced the appeal of Chengdu as a travel destination.

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