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The Quarters Coffee House Opens on Mare Island, Marking Milestone in Island’s Redevelopment

The Quarters Coffee House Opens on Mare Island, Marking Milestone in Island’s Redevelopment

VALLEJO, Calif., Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Mare Island Company, along with Vallejo Mayor Robert McConnell, members of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, and city leaders, were proud to unveil The Quarters Coffee House on August 22, 2023.

As The Mare Island Company, in partnership with the City of Vallejo, plans for the redevelopment of historic Mare Island into a new mixed-use community, the opening of The Quarters Coffee House marks an important step forward for the promise of the island.

“The residents, workers, and visitors of Mare Island have asked for a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and pick up basic grocery necessities,” said Sheryl McKibben, SVP of Strategy & Communications for the Mare Island Company. “As we stand amidst the rich history of this island and visualize its dynamic future, we remember that sometimes seemingly small moments like these often lay an important foundation for the sum of all the parts to come.”

Located in a building that served as an officer’s quarters dating back to 1901, The Quarters Coffee House is intended to reflect the spirit of Mare Island and foster community, welcoming residents, visitors, and workers alike.

“The opening of the Quarters Coffee House is a great step forward, not only for this project but as a sign of what’s to come for Vallejo,” said Mayor Robert McConnell.

“The future of Mare Island looks bright. I am eagerly awaiting a time when this coffee house is just one of many elements that make up a thriving commercial and residential community on the island.”

The cafe’s design is steeped in the island’s history, celebrating the majestic trees that have traveled to the region from far-flung lands aboard the vessels once based on Mare Island. The Quarters’ signature tree pattern adorns every corner, from uniforms to wallpaper, a visual reminder of the unity of past and present. The logo, reminiscent of a vintage local publication, is a nod to the island’s storytelling tradition, while the calming greens of Alden Park inspire the color palette.

Inside the coffee house, captivating island images remind visitors of the island’s roots, delicately crafted gift items pay homage to local artisans, and the house has been thoughtfully revitalized while preserving its historic charm. It is not just a coffee house; it’s a haven that celebrates the island’s identity.

“The opening of the Quarters Coffee House marks a new beginning, a step into a future where Mare Island’s vibrant history harmonizes with its exciting possibilities,” said McKibben. “The Quarters Coffee House is more than a place to indulge in a cup of coffee; it’s a testament to the island’s enduring spirit.”

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