Home Restaurants TiNDLE Foods Launches First U.S.-Developed Product, a Savory Breakfast Sausage, as it Expands Manufacturing Capabilities within North America

TiNDLE Foods Launches First U.S.-Developed Product, a Savory Breakfast Sausage, as it Expands Manufacturing Capabilities within North America

TiNDLE Foods Launches First U.S.-Developed Product, a Savory Breakfast Sausage, as it Expands Manufacturing Capabilities within North America

  • The global food tech company introduces its latest innovation, TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage, its first-ever product wholly developed and manufactured in North America
  • TiNDLE Foods’ new breakfast sausage delivers the traditional flavor profile of the classic American staple, perfect on its own or in morning sandwiches, and can be ordered by foodservice operators in the U.S. beginning this month
  • TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage is now available for the first time at viral restaurant sensations, including Mr. Charlie’s in Los Angeles and Lewis Hamilton’s Neat Burger in New York City, in new breakfast creations paired with JUST Egg’s plant-based eggs

CHICAGO, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, TiNDLE Foods announces the launch of its highly anticipated plant-based sausage, TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage, which is now available to order for restaurant operators and distributors throughout the United States. TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage is the latest innovation from the three-year-old startup widely known for its flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken.

TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage features the traditional and nostalgic flavor profile of a classic American breakfast sausage by combining sage, black pepper, and other savory spices to create a juicy and flavorful morning patty. Easy to prepare in just a matter of minutes, it pairs perfectly with any breakfast sandwich or as a main dish for the first meal of the day. It is made from simple, plant-based ingredients including soy protein, coconut oil, potato starch, and oat fiber, and each serving contains 8g protein and 4g fiber. Because it is also made from plants, TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage has no cholesterol, animal hormones, or antibiotics.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Starting with several trendsetters in the plant-based restaurant industry – Mr. Charlie’s in Los Angeles and New York City’s Neat Burger – TiNDLE Foods is joining forces with JUST Egg to bring together the morning flavors of the herbed and spiced TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage and JUST Egg’s signature fluffy folded eggs.

With its playful takes on America’s favorite fast-food classics, Mr. Charlie’s will debut an entirely plant-based breakfast menu with a morning “Frowny Meal.” The meal will feature a satisfying breakfast sandwich that combines TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage, a folded egg from JUST Egg, and a melted vegan cheddar cheese slice on top of a toasted English muffin, alongside tater tots and a hot cup of coffee. The newest “Frowny Meal” is currently available at their flagship restaurant in Hollywood from 9:00 to 11:11 am.

Earlier this year, Neat Burger – the Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio-backed chain known for their guilt-free and sustainable takes on popular cravings like burgers and chicken sandwiches – opened their first U.S. location in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood. Beginning on Saturday, September 30, the vegan chain will introduce a brand-new weekend brunch menu that will feature two house items, a mouthwatering breakfast burrito and decadent breakfast sandwich, each made with TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage and JUST Egg. To celebrate the launch, Neat Burger will offer a $5 TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage x JUST Egg sandwich for the first 50 brunch diners this Saturday, September 30.

This marks the first official collaboration between TiNDLE Foods and JUST Egg, the leading plant-based egg, on foodservice menus across the country. Both share a mission to serve and provide access to delicious and enjoyable foods, while simultaneously transforming our food system to reduce our reliance on animal agriculture.

TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage is also now available at Vegan On The Fly – a popular destination for quick eats in Midtown Manhattan, known for spinning some of NYC’s best-known street bites with a plant-based twist – from chopped cheese and gyros to burgers and wings. Vegan On The Fly will serve a “TiNDLE Sausage Egg n Cheez,” a completely plant-based tribute to the bodega breakfast staple.

Made in the USA

TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage is the first product in TiNDLE Foods’ diverse plant-based product portfolio to be entirely conceptualized and developed for consumers in the United States – an outcome of the product incubation and testing conducted at the company’s R&D and innovation facility in Chicago. Expanding its range of high-quality and convenient products, TiNDLE Foods continues to offer chefs and operators the opportunity to recreate their favorite recipes using delicious chicken and sausage products without the use of animal meat.

As part of its commitment to build an expanded network of suppliers and providers to serve the American market, TiNDLE Foods’ latest breakfast sausage includes high-quality ingredients grown and sourced from crops in the United States, including its primary soy protein. TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage is the first product by the company to also be entirely manufactured in North America at a trusted co-manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest.

“We are thrilled to introduce TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage as our first American-designed innovation,” said JJ Kass, VP of Business Development and Strategy at TiNDLE Foods. “This launch not only showcases our dedication to developing delicious and sustainable foods, but also signifies a major achievement for our company as we serve the American market and consumers with a truly authentic and enjoyable breakfast experience.”

After launching in the market just 18 months ago with one product and establishing Chicago as its U.S. base last fall, TiNDLE Foods’ plant-based meats are available in hundreds of distribution points and restaurants across the country today. The company intends to increase the availability of its product range within the U.S. market – now offering seven products, including the new breakfast sausage, for foodservice operators – and has plans to enter the retail segment within the next year. Currently, TiNDLE Chicken’s retail products can be purchased on e-commerce sites, including Goldbelly and PlantX, and in select retailers such as BESTIES Vegan Paradise and PlantX’s Vegan Pop-Up Market in Los Angeles..

Both TiNDLE Breakfast Sausage and TiNDLE Chicken are now available to all distributors nationwide through DOT Foods. For questions or samples, contact the TiNDLE team at [email protected] or visit www.tindle.com.

About TiNDLE Foods
Founded in 2020, TiNDLE Foods is a food tech startup developing and commercializing delicious, innovative, and sustainable plant-based food brands. TiNDLE Foods is backed by a team with proven experience in plant-based food technology, global brand development, and distribution scaleup. For more information, visit www.tindle.com.

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