Cyberdrone is one of the Eventex Awards 2024 winners

Cybedrone’s Show for The Camel Avenue Festival in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Eventex Awards Promo Material

Eventex Awards 2024

The Camel Light Pattern, Cyberdrone Show in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

The Camel Avenue Festival Drone Show in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Cyberdrone won Gold in the New Event Technology category in the 14th edition of Eventex Awards.

This year’s award celebrates the blend of technology and artistry, turning dreams into breathtaking realities thanks to our innovative team.”

— Bernd Seitter, Cyberdrone’s CEO

DUBAI, THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 10, 2024 / — Cyberdrone is a high-tech drone company specializing in drone show technology and implementing it across different industries, transforming typical entertaining events and marketing performances into something new and extraordinary. The company has earned gold specifically in the New Event Technology category for The Camel Avenue Festival Drone Show in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.

About Cyberdrone

Based in Dubai, Cyberdrone operates worldwide – providing a full range of services, independently developing and manufacturing its drones, offering show concepts, assisting with organizational matters, handling logistics, and bringing shows to life. The company is continuously expanding its fleet and refining its expertise, merging modern technology with art. Its offerings cater to a diverse range of events, including private parties, national celebrations, corporate events, and vibrant festivals.

The Competition

Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation, and effectiveness, today Eventex Awards is the most esteemed accolade in the world of events and experiential marketing. Every year, the competition highlights the best agencies, events, tech, and venues from the world of events.

Eventex Awards 2024 received a massive 1207 entries from 62 countries and 6 continents—a first in the awards’ history. It’s truly an honor to be recognized and awarded among so many remarkable events and projects from all over the world.

“This edition of Eventex Awards has seen a record-breaking number of entries, as well as record-breaking creativity and innovation—the industry is truly back with a bang. We have undoubtedly been wowed by outstanding events and experiences, ground-breaking technology and suppliers, as well as breathtaking venues. Winning an Eventex award is worth celebrating, so personally and on behalf of the whole Eventex team I would like to congratulate Cyberdrone on this truly remarkable success.”, comments Ovanes Ovanessian, Co-founder of Eventex Awards.

Winning such a competition is a significant milestone for any company dedicated to making a world-changing impact.

New Event Technology

The world is brimming with vibrant events and methods to diversify them, but eventually, everything falls into routine. That’s where drone shows step in—an innovative, bespoke technology capable of captivating diverse audiences and elevating any event.

Therefore, Cyberdrone strives not only to keep pace with current trends but also to surpass them, continuously innovating new formats of utilizing its technology. This includes immersive drone shows and integrated programs that combine various show elements and light technologies.

The award-winning show by Cyberdrone was a highlight of the 10-day Camel Avenue Festival. The company kicked off the festival and featured its drone shows on four additional nights. The team varied the number of drones used each night, creating diverse scales of light figures and narratives. This drone show proved to be a perfect addition to the festival, captivating audiences and motivating them to return for the delightful experiences both on the ground and in the sky.

“This is a breathtaking leap forward in how we experience events. How you’ve meshed creativity with cutting-edge tech to transform events into unforgettable spectacles is genuinely inspiring. The vivid LED animations and the seamless integration with live performances add a unique flair that elevates any event, from festivals to national celebrations. Your success at the Camel Avenue Festival highlights the vast potential of drones to bring stories to life in the sky. Thinking about where your continuous innovations will take event experience next is exciting,” comments Tess Vismale, Founder & CDO at iSocialExecution and a member of the Eventex Awards jury panel.

You can explore more of Cyberdrone’s work in their portfolio.

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The Camel Avenue Festival Drone Show. Tabuk. Saudi Arabia

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