How American Travelers Will Maximize Their Summer 2024 Vacations with People Like Us Home Exchange

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People Like Us Analyzes Summer Travel Trends: Domestic Preferences Align, But International Destinations Diverge for Members

The abundance of offers in top destinations, domestic and international, creates massive opportunities for US travelers, especially when stays are spread across the country, not just at landmarks.”

— Drew Seitam, Founder and CEO, People Like Us Home Exchange

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 6, 2024 / — As the summer season officially begins, People Like Us examined the travel plans of its American members and found notable trends and differences compared to general American travel patterns. Here is a summary of our findings:

Domestic Destinations
Data reveals that the preferred domestic destinations for both general American travelers and People Like Us members are strikingly similar. California and Florida lead the list, with Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, and Hawaii frequently appearing in the top ten. However, there is a key difference in the nature of these stays.

According to a survey by Allianz, “domestic hotspots still take the lion’s share (68%) of Americans’ summer itinerary bookings.” In contrast, People Like Us members tend to find homes in residential areas and family neighborhoods. This allows them to stay in real homes with more space and community integration. Drew Seitam, Founder and CEO of People Like Us, explains: “Take Florida, for instance. While American travelers flock to Orlando for its hotels and resorts, People Like Us members opt for homes across Florida where they have a bedroom for each child, a private swimming pool, and still enjoy easy access to popular attractions. By saving on accommodation, they can spend more on entertainment.”

International Destinations
Regarding international travel, some differences emerge. People Like Us members prioritize Canada as their top destination this summer, while Mexico, a popular choice for general American travelers, ranks tenth. Australia and New Zealand also make it to the top ten for People Like Us members, indicating a strong interest in adventures “down under.”

European destinations remain favorites, with England, France, Italy, and Spain topping the list. Interestingly, the Netherlands and Portugal also feature in the top ten for People Like Us members. “Our American members’ preferences often blend well-known destinations with attractive alternatives found on our site,” says Drew Seitam. “The abundance of offers in dynamic destinations creates massive opportunities for US travelers, especially when stays are spread across the country, not just at landmarks. For instance, our members have planned exchanges in the French Riviera, the French Alps, Brittany, the Loire Castles area, and more, not just in Paris.”

While iconic cities like London, Paris or Rome draw many visitors, accommodation can be costly and cramped, particularly for families. People Like Us offers an alternative. With well-connected public transport systems, members can easily access city centers while staying in larger, greener homes. “Flexibility and open-mindedness are typical traits of home exchangers,” comments Drew Seitam. “They are open to opportunities and eager to discover less-traveled gems, offering a smart way to avoid over-tourism and explore the world—or their own country—off the beaten path.”

About People Like Us
Established in 2018, People Like Us is a membership-based global home exchange network with 10,000 members in 120 countries. Built on values of sharing, generosity, and respect, PLU connects travelers worldwide, allowing them to exchange homes, immerse themselves in local cultures, and form authentic connections. With a five-star Trustpilot rating and the industry’s most vibrant Facebook group, PLU’s innovative “Globe” model offers flexibility and diverse hospitality options. PLU’s expansion reaches both individuals and established communities, catering to a growing and diverse member base.

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