Internet Users More Likely to Book Hotels With Balcony, New Study by Expedia and Google Trends Finds


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Hotels with balconies significantly increase booking according to analysis on Expedia

SHERIDAN, WY, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2024 / — Using the Expedia statistics data and other sources as well as manual search through Google Trends, new study uses amalgamated data to analyze the shifting preferences of internet-savvy travellers.The results of this extensive research highlight an intriguing pattern: there is a notable increase in bookings for hotels with balconies, indicating a rising preference among travellers for accommodations that seamlessly merge indoor comfort with outdoor charm..

The research, based on an in-depth analysis of booking patterns and search queries, offers valuable insights into the evolving preferences of modern travellers. Expedia’s extensive database, coupled with the real-time search data provided by Google Trends, has allowed the researchers to identify a clear correlation between the availability of balconies and increased booking rates.

Within the millennial demographic, 64% opt to reserve hotels through travel websites, while 47% prefer direct bookings for hotels, resorts, and airlines. The remaining 24% prefer making their bookings via travel agencies. In a recent survey conducted by Expedia in 2021, a whopping 59% of respondents expressed their willingness to spend extra money to embrace eco-friendly practices during their travels.

As per insights shared by TripAdvisor, a staggering 80% of travellers dedicate a generous four weeks or more to meticulously researching destinations, sifting through reviews, and seeking out insider tips to enhance their vacation experience before locking in their reservations.

In a recent survey capturing the pulse of global travellers, a remarkable 70% expressed their heightened interest in booking accommodations that prioritise eco-friendliness and sustainability practices.

The Rise of Balcony-Driven Bookings: Unveiling the Trend

With travel becoming an integral part of contemporary lifestyles, individuals are increasingly seeking accommodations that offer a unique and immersive experience. Expedia and Google Trends’ study indicates a pronounced preference among internet users for hotels that feature balconies, with these spaces emerging as a key factor in the decision-making process.

According to the analysis, hotels with balconies witness a remarkable surge in bookings compared to their counterparts lacking this feature. Travellers appear to be drawn to the prospect of having a personal outdoor space, whether it’s to enjoy a morning coffee with a panoramic view or unwind in the evening breeze after a day of exploration.

Expedia’s Rich Data, Google Trends’ Real-Time Insights: A Powerful Partnership

Expedia, a globally recognized travel platform, brings its extensive data repository to the table. Leveraging years of booking data and user behaviour analytics, Expedia provides a solid foundation for understanding the shifting dynamics of the travel industry. Complementing this, Google Trends contributes real-time search data, offering an up-to-the-minute perspective on the latest trends and user interests.

This collaboration has enabled a holistic examination of the factors influencing travel choices, shedding light on the evolving expectations of the modern traveler. The amalgamation of historical booking patterns and current search trends has allowed researchers to identify emerging patterns and preferences.

Insights into Traveler Behavior: What Drives the Balcony Appeal?

The study reveals that the appeal of balconies goes beyond mere aesthetic preference. Travellers are increasingly seeking a personalised and comfortable environment during their stays. A balcony provides a private outdoor space, allowing guests to connect with nature, soak in the local atmosphere, and enhance their overall travel experience. According to Semrush, the keyword “hotels with balcony nyc” receives 3000 monthly searches.

Additionally, the desire for enhanced safety and social distancing, which became more prominent in the wake of global events, has further fueled the demand for accommodations that offer secluded spaces, such as balconies. The ability to enjoy the surroundings without compromising on personal space has become a crucial factor for travellers when choosing their lodging.

Industry Implications: A Call for Adaptation

For hoteliers and those in the hospitality industry, the findings of this study underscore the importance of staying attuned to evolving consumer preferences. As the travel landscape continues to transform, adapting to the changing needs of guests becomes imperative for success.

Hotels that invest in creating and marketing balcony-equipped rooms stand to gain a competitive edge in attracting the modern traveller. This shift in consumer behavior presents an opportunity for the hospitality industry to innovate and redefine guest experiences, ensuring they meet the expectations of a discerning and evolving clientele.

Quotes from Industry Experts

This research with Google Trends has unveiled a compelling shift in traveller preferences. The desire for a more personalised and immersive travel experience is driving the increased popularity of accommodations with balconies.

The combination of Expedia’s historical data and Google Trends’ real-time insights has allowed to paint a comprehensive picture of the evolving dynamics in the travel industry. The increasing preference for hotels with balconies signifies a desire for a harmonious blend of indoor comfort and outdoor ambiance. It’s a testament to the changing expectations of today’s travellers.

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