MetaHomes Collaborates with Renowned Light Painting Artist Roy Wang, Celebrating Art and Innovation in Dubai

MetaHomes Celebrates Art and Innovation with World-Renowned Light Painting Artist, Roy Wang

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MetaHomes Celebrates Art and Innovation with World-Renowned Light Painting Artist Roy Wang: A Fusion of Real Estate and Artistic Brilliance.

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 28, 2024 / — MetaHomes, a prominent real estate platform dedicated to innovation and technology, is proud to announce its collaboration with world-renowned light painting artist Roy Wang.

This partnership culminated in a large-scale “Chinese Dragon” light painting creation event on May 18, 2024, adding a unique touch of Chinese culture to Dubai’s vibrant art scene, further reflecting MetaHomes’ commitment to cultural integration and fostering innovation in the city.

MetaHomes’ leadership team actively participated in the light painting session and held insightful discussions with Mr. Wang, showcasing their support for art and commitment to a unique cultural user experience.

Beyond the artistic spectacle, MetaHomes showcased its innovative AI-powered platform features, including Kylin, their culturally inspired AI mascot. Designed to enhance user experience and add a touch of warmth, Kylin, inspired by China’s rich heritage, empowers clients with user-friendly guidance for informed and cost-effective real estate decisions. This fusion of art (represented by Roy Wang’s “Chinese Dragon”) and technology reflects MetaHomes’ core approach.

“Collaborating with Roy Wang has been an incredible opportunity,” said Jerry Wu, CEO of MetaHomes. “His artistic vision and our technological innovations create a unique synergy between art and real estate. This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to cultural enrichment and technological advancement.”

Mr. Wang echoed this sentiment, stating, “Participating in this event with MetaHomes has been extraordinary. Dubai’s multicultural character provides an ideal backdrop for artistic exploration. I am excited to see how our combined efforts will further enhance the real estate landscape.”

This awe-inspiring artwork, set against the stunning backdrop of the Dubai skyline, symbolized the deep friendship between China and the United Arab Emirates. Using car lights from a fleet of cars provided by GAC Motor, as his unique medium and the vast canvas of the open space next to the Dubai Canal, Roy Wang, realized a 6,000-square-meter China-UAE light-painted dragon. Recognized as China’s premier light painting artist and holder of three Guinness World Records, his artistic achievements have garnered him a prestigious 10-year Golden Visa from the UAE government, an honor reserved for significant cultural and artistic contributors.

MetaHomes’ participation in this groundbreaking event underscores its commitment to fostering a vibrant and culturally rich community in Dubai. This collaboration served as a powerful testament to the transformative power of art and innovation in uniting cultures.

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