This Emerging Black-Owned Travel Company is Redefining Luxury Travel

Travel is not just about visiting places; it’s about connecting with people, immersing yourself in different cultures, and making a positive impact”

— Juneann-Olivia George, Co-Founder and British-Guyanese Serial Entrepreneur

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2024 / — The travel industry is constantly evolving, and one company is making waves with its innovative approach to luxury travel. Garry x Olivia, a black-owned, New York City-based travel company, has made a firm commitment to curating culturally authentic and socially responsible experiences without compromising on luxury. Accordingly, the company is actively building relationships and partnering with local businesses, artisans, and nonprofits in destinations all over the world. Through these relationships, the company aims to provide opportunities for travelers to connect with the soul of a destination, contribute to causes that matter to them, and make a difference in the lives of others while exploring the world. Their approach aims beyond mere enrichment via tourism, and their commitment to responsible and sustainable travel sets Garry x Olivia apart from other luxury travel companies.

With a keen understanding of their esteemed clientele’s desires, curiosities, and needs, this socially conscious burgeoning travel company has developed a range of signature-hosted experiences with these philosophies in mind. Their signature offerings are Metem CouCou – a culinary experience that explores African Diasporic foodways; Black Girl Retreat – a curated retreat for black women; Mother Daughter PowHer – a curated mother-daughter bonding experience; and Liv la Vie – a privately guided ultra-luxe travel experience.

Founded by Garry Grissom and Juneann-Olivia George, two emerging leaders in the luxury travel market, the couple noticed a lack of diversity, representation, and socially conscious experiences in the luxury travel market. As avid travelers, they often had to choose between socially conscious experiences and luxury experiences. They saw a need for a travel company that offered luxurious experiences and prioritized authenticity and social responsibility. This realization led them to create their own travel company to provide travelers with the best of both worlds.

The Founders are excited to bring their unique vision to the luxury travel market. They are confident that their company will appeal to travelers who want to make a difference while indulging in luxury. “Travel is not just about visiting places; it’s about connecting with people, immersing yourself in different cultures, and making a positive impact,” says George, Co-Founder of the company and a British-Guyanese Serial Entrepreneur. She continues on by saying, “We believe that luxury travel should be a transformative experience that allows our clients to not only indulge in opulence but also give back. Our mission is to create exceptional experiences that allow our clientele to discover, enjoy, and contribute to the destinations they visit. With our commitment to embedding social responsibility in everything we do, we are redefining travel for a new generation of adventurers.”

Most recently, George, through her work with Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., led a delegation of over 300 individuals to Ghana in collaboration with The Adinkra Group as part of a Birthright Journey Experience. While in Ghana, the organization made a lasting impact, contributing over 1 million Ghanian Cedis toward community impact initiatives while injecting over 36 million Ghanian Cedis into the local economy.

Garry x Olivia is not just a travel company; it is a movement. Grissom and George are determined to change the narrative of luxury travel and make it more inclusive and socially responsible. With their unique and authentic offerings, Garry x Olivia is paving the way for a more meaningful and sustainable travel industry. To learn more about Garry x Olivia and their upcoming trips, visit their website at


About Garry x Olivia:

Garry x Olivia is a black-owned luxury travel company that curates extraordinary travel experiences for clients looking to discover, enjoy, and experience destinations privately or with an intimate group. With a focus on cultural authenticity and social responsibility, the company aims to redefine travel by providing unparalleled luxury and personalized service. They believe that travel should be a transformative experience that not only indulges but uplifts and enriches. For more information, visit

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