VWO and 3rd Eye Consulting Sign Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Digital Experience Optimisation in Dubai

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge optimization strategies in the UAE market

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with 3rd Eye Consulting, a trusted leader in the digital solutions space in UAE”

— Sparsh Gupta, CEO, VWO

NEW DELHI, INDIA, March 27, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — VWO, the globally renowned experience optimisation platform, has joined forces with 3rd Eye Consulting, a pioneering digital solutions provider based in Dubai, focused on solving business problems and boosting data-led marketing KPIs.

This strategic partnership combines VWO’s cutting-edge technology in experimentation and optimisation with 3rd Eye Consulting’s deep industry expertise and regional knowledge. By combining forces, the two companies aim to empower businesses in UAE and the wider Middle East region to achieve unparalleled success in conversion rate optimisation.

VWO offers a comprehensive suite of tools for optimising customer experiences across websites, mobile apps, and other digital channels. Through A/B testing, personalisation, and data-driven behaviour insights, VWO enables businesses to create engaging, seamless, high-converting digital experiences for their customers.

On the other hand, 3rd Eye Consulting, with its extensive experience in delivering innovative digital solutions, is well-positioned to complement VWO’s offerings with tailored strategies and localised insights for businesses operating in the Middle East market. By leveraging VWO’s platform alongside 3rd Eye Consulting’s consultancy services, businesses in the UAE can expect to elevate their digital presence, scale conversions, and drive impactful results.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with 3rd Eye Consulting, a trusted leader in the digital solutions space in UAE,” said Sparsh Gupta, CEO of VWO. “By combining VWO’s powerful experience optimisation platform with 3rd Eye Consulting’s regional expertise, we are poised to deliver exceptional value to businesses seeking to optimise their digital experiences and drive growth in the Middle East.”

“Given that data analytics lies at the heart of our services, VWO seamlessly integrates into our ecosystem, empowering businesses to pinpoint optimization prospects, thereby maximizing value throughout the customer acquisition and conversion process”, said Gurpreet Singh, Founder and CEO of 3rd Eye Consulting. “We’re excited about our collaboration with VWO and I’m confident we will see great success with customers in the Middle East.”

The partnership between VWO and 3rd Eye Consulting represents a significant milestone in the conversion rate optimisation (CRO) journey for businesses in Dubai. By harnessing the combined expertise of both companies, businesses can expect to tap into new opportunities, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

About 3rd Eye Consulting

3rd Eye Consulting had its roots grounded in the year 2008. Over the years, the team has served some of the most prominent businesses across South East Asia in the field of Data Analytics, Programmatic Media, Cloud, and conversion rate optimisation. Based out of the UAE, and operating across multiple time zones, 3rd Eye Consulting helps you decipher stories from data through a service bouquet spread across four major verticals – Analytics, Business Intelligence, Media & Conversion Marketing. To learn more, visit https://3rdeye.ae/.

About VWO

VWO is an experience optimisation platform that enables brands to improve their key business metrics by empowering teams to easily run their conversion optimisation programs backed by customer behaviour data. We provide a suite of tightly integrated capabilities to unify customer data, discover customer behavioural insights, build hypotheses, run A/B tests on server, web, and mobile, rollout features, personalise experiences, and improve customer experience across the entire buying journey. To learn more, visit https://vwo.com/.

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