Home Entertainment News United Republic Records: Empowering Artists In The New Musical Landscape

United Republic Records: Empowering Artists In The New Musical Landscape

United Republic Records: Empowering Artists In The New Musical Landscape

Out That Door – The latest single from Kimberly Meyer

Red Flags - The Latest Single From Hockett

Red Flags – The Latest Single From Hockett

Kaleidoscope - The Latest Single From Generations

Kaleidoscope – The Latest Single From Generations

United Republic Records Announces New Artists And Releases

US, June 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — United Republic Records, a nearly two-decade-old label under new leadership, is breaking away from traditional industry norms by empowering artists with creative control. With a fresh roster of talent and a renewed mission, United Republic is transforming the creative landscape, prioritizing artist autonomy and innovative collaboration.

United Republic is making a bold entrance with its latest artists and genre-crossing releases. Leading the charge is the signing of The band Generations, featuring Bradley Scott from the renowned rock band Emarosa. Expanding beyond a single musical genre, United Republic is now venturing into the country music scene with the addition of two new artists, Brandon Hockett and Kimberly Meyer.

Brandon Hockett, who performs under the name Hockett, makes waves with his high-energy performances and authentic sound. What is particularly interesting about his signing with United Republic is his roots in both country and rock and roll. “I dove headfirst into rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal. I found I was truly able to express myself diving deeper into it,” Hockett explains. Influenced by legends like James Hetfield, Scott Ian, Malcolm Young, and Zakk Wylde, Hockett spent countless hours perfecting his craft, often playing until his fingers bled.

Hockett has been gaining attention with his single Dotted Line, which could easily be heard as soundtrack material in the biggest blockbuster summer movie release. His powerful voice is showcased on both Dotted Line and a cover release of the Wynonna Judd tune, No One Else on Earth, which features guest vocals from label mate Kimberly Meyer. Hockett’s summer release is a heavier country song titled Red Flags, which nods strongly to both his country and rock influences.

Kimberly Meyer is also a dynamic and versatile artist who is set to make waves in the country music scene with her unique blend of traditional and modern influences. Kimberly’s musical journey is deeply rooted in the classics, and her inspirations are a testament to her love for timeless country music. “I was raised on 90’s country and earlier. It may be cliché to say, but I loved singing the likes of Reba and Shania to Patsy Cline and Tammy Wynette,” says Kimberly. However, her musical palette is not limited to country alone. Drawing from a multitude of genres, she finds inspiration in artists like Lady Gaga, known for her versatility in jazz, rock, and pop, and Arianna Grande, admired for her immense vocal range and agility.

Meyer has been an active music educator as well as serving as the commander of the Army National Guard Band. “I am passionate about how we as military musicians serve our country, paying tribute to our service men and women and communities through music,” she says. With her rich experience and strong female voice, it is no surprise that her first single release from United Republic represents well in the empowering lyrics of Out That Door.

For this venture into Country Music, United Republic Records has tapped the talents of the songwriting production team, Them Fly Bros. The team, consisting of Luke Mills and CR ‘Boomjockey’ Pendleton, have a long history of working in many genres and being recognized in the industry for their work. The label believes this is the best move to secure undiscovered talent, and Them Fly Bros are equally excited about what is happening. “United Republic Records is changing the music label game and is giving the artists the power and ownership to make great records,” explains Mills.

Rob Smith, one of the representatives of the new controlling partnership, explains, ” We are looking to create new pathways for the artist to find a way to the public through placements in media and through vertical marketing strategies.” United Republic is launching several new artists and projects in 2024. For more information on United Republic Records, visit www.UnitedRepublicRecords.com.

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