Home Entertainment News Winxvideo AI 3.0 Big Release: New AI Models and Fast Mode Added for Superior Image and Video Enhancement

Winxvideo AI 3.0 Big Release: New AI Models and Fast Mode Added for Superior Image and Video Enhancement

Winxvideo AI 3.0 Big Release: New AI Models and Fast Mode Added for Superior Image and Video Enhancement

Winxvideo AI big update

Winxvideo AI 3.0 arrives! New AI Super Resolution models & mode bring users a step closer to achieving stunning visuals with exceptional detail, quality, speed.

CHENGDU, SICHUAN, CHINA, June 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Digiarty Software today unveiled a significant upgrade to its flagship product, Winxvideo AI. The all-new Winxvideo AI 3.0 takes AI Super Resolution to the next level with 2 innovative AI models and 1 processing mode – “Gen Detail” for exquisite detail, “Real Smooth” for flawless restoration, and “Fast Mode” for speedy processing. Additionally, integrated denoising and deblurring capabilities ensure clarity and refinement. Now users can achieve previously unattainable speed and quality for both images and video enhancement.

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Winxvideo AI is an all-in-one video and image toolkit. It contains features for enhancing, interpolating, stabilizing shaky footage, converting videos, compressing large files, recording screens, and editing videos with ease. Its AI Super Resolution has already garnered praise for high performance to upscale videos to stunning HD/4K resolutions, enhance image resolutions to 10K, and restore old or low-quality videos and images plagued by noise or blur.
Now, Winxvideo AI 3.0 takes things a step further, introducing a set of AI models that redefines AI Super Resolution for videos and images.

1. Two Revolutionary AI Models: “Gen Detail” and “Real Smooth”
Winxvideo AI doesn’t settle for mediocre results. It utilizes two innovative AI models trained on millions of real-world images and videos. This avoids common AI upscaling issues like tiling, jagged edges, distortion, pixilation, and artifacts. This AI enhancer prioritizes maintaining the integrity and clarity of both videos and images.

• Gen Detail: The new model focuses on generating exquisite detail, exceptional clarity, and remarkable sharpness for both videos and images. It delivers superior perceptual quality, ensuring the finest details in skin, fur, leaves, bricks, lines, texture, and more.
• Real Smooth: Designed specifically for video and image restoration, “Real Smooth” tackles imperfections with precision. It utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to eliminate flaws, smooth out unwanted noise, and enhance overall fidelity.

Integrated Debluring and Denoising: Both “Gen Detail” and “Real Smooth” models leverage cutting-edge, AI-powered deblurring and denoising technologies. These advancements significantly enhance the clarity and crispness of visuals, free from blur and noise artifacts, making even the most complex scenes pristine and vivid.

2. “Fast Mode” Tailored for More Efficient Workflows
Understanding creators’ needs for efficiency, Winxvideo AI 3.0 introduces “Fast Mode” alongside the existing High-Quality mode. This new mode prioritizes processing speed for handling large video files in time-sensitive projects. Perfect for quick video enhancements for presentations, social media uploads, or initial reviews, Fast Mode achieves results faster without sacrificing core quality. Now users can prioritize either faster processing times or exceptional detail for maximum visual impact.

Turbocharged Processing with NVIDIA® TensorRT Integration: In addition, Winxvideo AI V3.0 now seamlessly integrates with NVIDIA® TensorRT. This further improves the processing times for all the video and image enhancement tasks.

Other upgrades:
• Added: Super Resolution has included three pre-set resolutions – 1080P, 2K, and 4K. Users can directly select their desired output resolution, simplifying the process and streamlining workflows.
• Enhanced: For a smoother workflow, Winxvideo AI V3.0 introduces interface improvements. The Super Resolution interface now features “High Quality Mode” and “Fast Mode”, replacing the previous “Use High Quality Engine (Image Only)” option. This allows users to choose between quality enhancement or speed processing. Furthermore, the “Denoise Level” options have been removed, with powerful denoising now seamlessly integrated across all four AI models, ensuring optimal results without manual configuration.
• Fixed other minor bugs.

Pricing and Availability
The official price of Winxvideo AI for a lifetime license is $45.95. The latest version is available for all users at https://www.winxdvd.com/winxvideo-ai/buy.htm. Don’t miss out on the latest advancements in AI-powered enhancement. Upgrade to Winxvideo AI V3.0 today!

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