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Famous aircraft collection changes hands thanks to Boschung Global

Famous aircraft collection changes hands thanks to Boschung Global

SARNEN, OW, SWITZERLAND, July 28, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Swiss based Boschung Global is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to brokering vintage and warbird aircraft, becoming particularly well known in recent times for their work in finding homes for a large number of the ex Battle of Britain movie Messerschmitts. Their expertise in matching aircraft with new owners is not only because of their vast market knowledge; it is due in large part to their passion for these iconic machines – company founder and visionary Paul Boschung being an accomplished pilot and warbird owner himself.

Anyone with an interest in aviation history will be aware of the magnificent collection put together by the Schülke family at Usedom, Germany. Named simply ‘Hangar 10,’ it focused on the aircraft of WWII – particularly the fighters. These represented the machines of all the major combatants which contested the air war over Europe and Russia and included the British Spitfire, the American Mustang and the Soviet Yakovlev. But for many it was the Luftwaffe types which were the highlight, with the public flocking to witness the Bf109s and FW190 roar overhead when displayed at the occasional flying events.

However following the tragic loss of its founder Volker Schülke, the huge responsibility of running the enterprise fell to Arite Schülke to manage. Realizing this would be too much for her to take on; she had quietly reached out to the people at Boschung Global, as she knew they could be trusted to ensure that the life’s work of the family would be well cared for under new ownership, she confident in the Company’s reputation of finding suitable custodians for the aircraft they broker.

Arite reflects on the decision: “Hangar 10 is a project that is close to my heart. It has played a very important role for me and in the life of my entire family for many years. For me, however, it is now time to end this chapter in order to move on.”

The team at Boschung Global rose to the challenge set by Arite, something made all the more difficult in that the goal was to sell the collection as a single package – not only the aircraft, but the museum, hangars and associated facilities. The collection was not to be sold piecemeal and dispersed across the world if at all possible. Months of dedicated work followed, Boschung Global mindful that they had to find a new owner who would respect the Schülke legacy and continue to operate Hangar 10 as a tribute to the airmen and women who fought, and often died, for their country.

Boschung Global’s tireless efforts were eventually rewarded when they secured the signature of Munich based entrepreneur Karl F. Grimminger, he already the owner of ‘LUFTRAUM SÜD,’ this an impressive aviation collection, some of which is on display at his newly built hangar at Aalen. Hangar 10 was of particular interest to Karl, who said that: “it is very important to me to keep the German collection together as a whole”. He therefore decided to continue on with this unique flying museum at its original location, but is considering a name change to ‘LUFTRAUM NORD.’ In his view, positive synergies can be expected between the collection in Usedom and his existing museum in Aalen, both of which are now open to the public.

Once again the professional team at Boschung Global have employed their years of experience and good name to secure the best outcome for not only the seller and buyer- but for the future of a large number of aviation treasures.

Arite Schülke comments on the outcome – “It makes me happy that in Karl Grimminger an investor was found who appreciates the achievement behind the collection and the hangar and gives the “dream” the opportunity to live on.”

Although always a team effort, Paul Boschung was the driving force behind the sales transaction. “This mandate was extremely special, challenging us to find a new way to preserve this once-in-a-lifetime collection which features a treasure trove of rare German aircraft”, says Paul. He strongly emphasizes that the sale attracted customers from around the world and that all the aircraft generated tremendous interest, but in complying with the previous owner’s wishes, Boschung Global decided to pursue the strategy of selling the collection as a whole. According to Paul, the sale came six months after Boschung Global has been awarded the sales mandate, which he said reflects the enthusiasm from collectors for what Paul considers to be the largest private collection of German aircraft in history. “For me, of most note is the historic nature of the sale of Hangar 10”, he says.

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